The Witch’s Memory part thirteen

Jaspeak started grinning from ear to ear
His appearance sating some of her doubts and fear
“Sorry I had some trouble upon the last hill
A couple of shadow beasts gave me a chill
But they ended up passing me without much worry
If they had not I would have had to scurry”
Said Roland with a broadening grin
A smile so dangerous it should have been labeled a sin
Warmth made its way to Jaspeak’s cheek
Leaving her vulnerable and otherwise weak
The feeling left her feeling the greatest of shame
Hoping this was not all a vicious game
She shook away all the thoughts in her skull
Wanting to break the silence within this lull
“So is there no magic in your homeland
We are the only ones to know of the gift I understand”
Asked Jaspeak who thought herself a fool
In this time with the night air so cool
The boy could not seem but to smirk
Which she was finding to be a charming quirk
“It is true we are not familiar with your kind
What you conjure we cannot bring to mind
We are simple folk with simpler needs
Going about our lives to complete our deeds
Since the day we first met
No matter how hard I try I can’t forget
Wondering how you managed such things
And all the challenges and opportunities it brings
To wield this magic as you call it
Would be a wonder I must admit.”
Jaspeak grinned at his words
Her thoughts getting lost with the birds
Something about this boy ensnared her mind
The feeling she got when she was around him hard to find
A feeling like butterflies trapped in her belly
Turning her thoughts to push and legs to jelly
She shook away the nervous jitter
Which felt strange and oh so bitter
“I can’t promise to teach you what I know
But it would be my pleasure to show
What me and my people can do
By taking what is old to me and making it new to you.”
“I would appreciate that very much.”
And with that he gave her arm the faintest of touch
Although it was but a subtle graze
The excitement within her didn’t cease to amaze
Dazzling sparks danced lightly on her nerves
Setting a flame every fiber and curve
Of her body till it tingled out of her fingertips
Before she knew it she bit her lip
Jaspeak was glad she was not alone
As redness in the boy’s cheeks shone
She composed herself then led him to the Leaping Lake
A greater impression she could not make
Glistening water sang to the heavens
Leaving Roland with an awestruck expression
Water nymphs leaped from toadstool to toadstool
Laughing as they played games cool
Roland grinned oh so wide
Jaspeak thought that he had cried
His eyes went wet as the sparkling water
Caught by the beauty there was little left to utter
Jaspeak’s heart swelled at this sight
This would be what she took from the night
The stunned silence which crowded the air
As they marveled at the lake without a care
The moon rose high as minutes turned to hours
Along came a misting shower
Calming rain washed over the two
Signaling their night was through
She bid the boy goodbye
And the boy let out a deep sigh
“Same place and time in two weeks?”
Asked Roland in a voice rather meek
Jaspeak gave a smile rather great
“Yes indeed but please don’t be late.”


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