The Witch’s Memory part fifteen

With the offerings of her home and land
And that was something he couldn’t stand
She came home sweet, content
But he wondered how her time was spent
He ventured to ask before she laid down her head
Having her speak her heart instead
Still he chose to let her rest for now
He’d find the truth someway somehow
The next time she went out , air chilled and crisp
As she was followed by a pestering wisp
That glowed light blue right by her ear
A persistent reminder that someone was near
She spotted Roland caught in the midst of trees
A feeling of joy travelled from her head to her knees
He offered a smile rather tired
Losing the charm and mystique she had admired
“Has something happened to you my dear?”
She asked not feigning her fear
“It’s nothing Jaspeak” He answered quite wry
“Just pondering things by and by
I enjoy our time together I truly fo
So it grieves me to ask something of you”
He went to her and took her by the hand
The pained look in his eyes too much to stand
“I don’t wish to place you in an awkward position
So please let me speak while you listen
These last few months have been bliss
All my life I’ve never been as happy as this
However it is I who puts myself at risk
As more and more creatures come as the air gets brisk
Perhaps you could come to my home
So I can show you how we roam”
Jaspeak was struck by his word
To her that option never occured
To come to him in the stead
And to her chagrin it filled her with dread
How would she manage to be gone a few days
Not to mention the questions it would raise
It wasn’t until now she considered how it was for him
As if he were able to drop his life for her at a whim
Never thought of how he made this trip
Her own ignorance stung her like a whip
The shame was a burden loading her shoulders down
Or like the pricking of a thorn laden crown
Her eyes became wet
She hoped this was not something she’d regret
“I will go upon our agreed date
And I’ll make sure not to be late”


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