The Witch’s Memory part sixteen

She sang much higher than she meant
“You have seemed like an upstanding gent
It would be a shame not to see where you were reared
To raise someone like you it can’t be what’s feared
Perhaps I can sway the minds of those left in the past
And the uneasiness between our lands can cease at last”
Red heat tinted his face
So volatile in temperature it warmed the place
With it there was a tingle along her spine
She struggled to keep herself in line
For now though she showed him more wonders
Like the Roaring Rocks which always thunders
All the while the wisp followed along
Serenading her with a peculiar song
One of pain and overall warning
A haunting melody that would stick with her till morning
They said their goodbyes and Jaspeak was elated
A bubbling sensation while she waited
She plotted a trek for four to five days
How this could play out there were many ways
So consumed she was by this trip
That she could not see her father’s heart rip
As he worried about her well being
Of the daughter he knew, not the one he was seeing
The time came where she had to leave
Her bonds she was ready to cleave
It was midday and the sun was already high
In the mild air the birds did fly
Off to grand adventures somewhere deep south
Now the time has come for her to use her mouth
To speak untruths to her familial head
So confident before now her tongue was like lead
Her father was rolling out in the field
Wandering the crops he was yet to yeild
“Father there is a question I must ask”
The look on his face was hard to mask
It was one of distrust and worry
She just wanted to leave and in a hurry
“And what would this be child of mine
I trust that everything is fine”
Jaspeak shuffled her feet in the dirt
Feeling there’d be no way to avoid the hurt
“A new magic I don’t know very well
Will require me to leave for a spell
Just a few days, a week at most
I’ll come back with magic worth a boast”
She said with the bat of her eyes and a smile that gleamed
But her words had no effect or so it seemed
Her father’s face was made of stone
No trace of his light which once shone
“What trickery do you intend to play?”
Her father did so shockingly say
“Don’t think I have not paid attention
I just have been too distracted to mention
The biweekly escapades with not thing to show
Having nary a clue where you go
Coming back with smiles laced in secret
My heart murmurs that I will regret
These trysts you seem hellbent to have
Wounds so deep there is no salve”
A myriad of creatures lodged in her throat
How this was going would not be wrote
Her father had gone off acript
Indeed her own heart felt as though it would rip
“There is no trick” she managed to utter
As she spoke them her flesh began to shudder


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