The Witch’s Memory part seventeen

Rich with goosebumps and sweat so slick
Her palor pale as if she’d went sick
“I only seek to grow in my power
It’s all I think about hour after hour
You watch me go about this deed
Tending to this land’s every need
Now I seek some time on my own
And this is the appreciation I’m shown
To be questioned about my motive
An offense not easy to forgive
Do you really think so little of me
Tell me father how can this be?”
Then she fell out as if possessed
There was no telling how this all progressed
How one moment she was his little girl
To become another being to make his skin curl
Yet she stared daggers at the man
Nothing at all coming along as she planned
“What on earth has happened to you?”
Asked her father looking rather blue
“You are not the girl that I have raised
If that child had asked I would not be fazed
But you are a creature of brand new blood
One whom I’m certain may leave in the flood
Or whatever danger yet may come
To our pains you’ve become quite numb
Tell me how you’ve gotten this way
What is it you have to say?”
What she said next would haunt her for days
For weeks, months, years, decades in many different ways
She would remember this moment with creeping dread
“I wish you were dead.”


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