The Witch’s Memory part nineteen

As soon as she uttered the words she wished to reel them back
Hoping she’d be cut some slack
That she could apologize and set things straight
But at once she knew it was far too late
The treacherous words dwelling inside
Refused to stay hidden no matter how hard she tried
“I’m going to go” Jaspeak began
“This abuse I will not stand
Count your blessings if I choose to return
Know it was you who let this bridge burn”
At once both hot and cold
Although that part from the story would go untold
She stomped off not dating a second glance to take
For if she did she knew her heart would break
Jaspeak heard her father speak
The mere sound of his voice making her weak
She ran off without a word
Thinking this was all a bit absurd
This was the moment that would withstand time
To never be captured in prose or rhyme
When she abandoned her people for the sake of a boy
So why oh why did she feel this joy
This sense of peace and glorious calm
Feeling the electric prickle in her palm
This wealth of emotion bursting inside
All because her former self died
Now she had to rush to be with Roland
To be with someone who’d surely understand
What it was like to be so alone
Someone who could see what was inside shone
So she cast away her worries and her woe
Knowing where her heart needed to go
Jaspeak trekked through valley and mountain
She travelled through morning and nights dark as sin
Until she came to an unknown place
Nestled between two mountains as if they were giving it space
Her heart thundered as she knew
This was the home of the one she knew to be true
Roland the idiot who stumbled into her life
The one who was more than worth the strife
She found a cluster of trees for her to wait
For the boy, praying him not to be too late
The sun fell giving way to the moon
This burdening anticipation had to end soon
At last her wish was granted
As she peered beyond the trees where she was planted
She spotted Roland as he came shuffling in
When she saw him she broke out into a wide grin
“Here I am!” she had spoken
And at her voice his trance was broken
Now no smile came to greet his face
His eyes had lost their luster and grace
She asked “What does trouble you my dear?”
“I wish that you were still far from here”
Roland’s gaze grew even darker
And a deep chill ran all about her
Jaspeak stepped out into the open
And Roland stepped back as if pushed by the wind
“Roland, tell me what’s wrong”
Jaspeak asked her tone a mournful song
He went silent for a long moment
The moonlight gleaming off of a teardrop his eye spent
The chill running through Jaspeak went all the more cool
“Forgive me, for I have been a fool”
She was about to ask what it was he meant until
The sound of breaking branches gave her a startle
She spun around much too late
Being met with a horrible fate
A burlap bag was snatched over her head
The faces of her assailants she could not read
Darkness blanketed her entire world
Into a dark new universe she’d been hurled
With her mind thrust into blinding panic
She wasn’t able to conjure her magic
The next thing she knew her hands were bound
Any brief respite could not be found
“What is this madness? Let me go!”
Is what she shouted before the blow
A strike to the back of the skull
Every last one of her senses went dull
Black as pitch went her world
She had no idea how this thing unfurled
One moment she was awash with joy
All for what could have been love for a boy
To suddenly turn to crippling fear
As the thought of the end came all too near
She awoke with a steady series of blinks
It hurt to sit up and force herself to think
She found herself in a dingy cell
Surely located a layer above hell
The light was choked leaving the area dim
Making the cell as dark as the situation grim
Never had she felt so alone
And then there was a loud, metallic groan


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