The Witch’s Memory part twenty

She heard the flames on the torch lick the air
Before she saw Roland looking no worse for wear
His eyes were heavy as they stayed focused on the ground
In Jaspeak’s heart there was no remorse to be found
She glared at the person she thought she knew
Wishing for this moment to be done and through
“This wasn’t how it was supposed to be”
He said with a voice devoid of glee
“I wanted to warn you of this scheme
What was truly wanted I could not dream
Please forgive me for what I have done
An excuse or apology I can offer none”
Jaspeak answered by launching thick spit
Hoping upon his face it would sit
But it happened to fall on his chest
A gift from an unwelcome guest
“It was all a plot from the start
To come along and sway my heart
Said Jaspeak with her venom rising
“My duty to my homeland I wound up compromising
My fee is that I am now bound
In this out with no freedom to be found
For what may I ask was the purpose of this scheme
What sin will  leave your people unredeemed?”
Roland peered down at his feet
Her gaze his eyes afraid to meet
“I am the esteemed Prince of this land
All my life I have been my father’s, the king’s right hand
Most of my life things were just fine
Collecting taxes and surveying what was mine”
At this Roland took a deep breath
Color flushed from his skin making him look like death


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