The Witch’s Memory part twenty one

Roland went on with his skin rather pale
“Our people’s hearts began to stale
They worried about the skills your people possessed
Leaving everyone, including my father, quite stressed
Father began to scheme and plot
Working best with what we’ve got
Until at last he came to a plan quite sly
To run surveillance, on your people we’d spy
To find your strength and your weakness
Seeing if there was any reason to stress
My service I did volunteer
Seeking to soothe my people’s fears
Plus as the heir to my father’s throne
And with no particular skill yet to be shone
I took the job to prove what I could do
To prove if I were king I could perform a task or two
Our only word of your people was kept in lore
Nearly all of us having no account of magic before
So I came with the intention to spy
Seeing what your people could do with my own eye
At first it was all mundane
I was beginning to wonder if my people were insane
And then I met you my dear
What you were able to do filled me with fear
Out of nothing you made fire
If I hadn’t seen it for myself I’d be called a liar
Never in my life had I seen such a thing
So that was news I had to bring
My father said he needed time to chew
To all of us this was rather new
I was sent to spy on you more
Everything I knew was made unsure
All of this started as a mission
As time went on I knew this to be fiction
You are sweet, caring, and you give from your soul
To my heart you are like a fire stoked by coal
What was a tiny flicker now blazed infernal
You have changed me in a way that is eternal
I never wanted you to end up this way
There is no apology that I can say
To explain to you how I feel about what was done
It would take more than a few passings of the sun
I need you to know this was never my plan
To rectify this I will do what I can”


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