The Witch’s Memory part twenty two

Jaspeak wore a scowl so heated it could melt gold
While Roland waited for his fate to be told
“I care not about the forgiveness you seek
I can’t believe you think me so meek
To fall for your lies once more this day
Kneel to your gods, to them you pray
For the guilt you should feel to dissipate
To them hope that they do not hate
The dark part of you nestled in your heart
The one I should have seen from the start
You say you didn’t want this yet it happened
Expecting what I thought I felt for you not to dampen
I fell for a ploy, so much a fool
But why do such a thing? I will never be your tool
I will never do a thing you wish or say
It would be better to end me this day
So what for me do you have in store
What deeds so devilish did you leave at my door?”
Roland could not meet her gaze at all
Her pain growing with each moment of his stall
“I swear I didn’t know from the start
Blame my naivety and not my heart
My people’s fear is consistent
Not meaning it is nothing to repent
I figured my father to be a different man
Before I went along with his plan
He plans to storm your land soon
Certainly by the next cycle of the moon
To take every last able bodied man
And execute his dastardly plan
No prisoners will be taken in the siege
Barely a moment will be taken to grieve
The operation will go as swift as lightning
Not allowing your people to use the magic they bring
I’m truly sorry for all this Jaspeak
Do not fault me for being so weak”


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