The Witch’s Memory part twenty three

Tears blurred the woman’s sight
The anger within her burning so bright
Jaspeak trembled with indignant rage
Over the potential war Roland’s people wished to wage
Her words were choked with sorrow
“It’s my heart I gave you to borrow
To hold it tight so I wouldn’t have to worry
About any pain I may have to bury
I gave you all of my heart
Now you have come to tear it apart
Tearing it asunder, bit by ragged bit
Charring the remains upon an open spit
With no just reason you plan to slaughter my kin
The wrongness of which I cannot begin
To comprehend how you could do such a thing
How You can side with all the pain it will bring”
“It’s not my choice,” said the prince
“My father is not one with words to mince
Once his mind is set it is set in stone
In finding this appalling you are not alone
But what is a prince to do
When an entire kingdom will belong to you
Should I dare give up my inheritance for my heart
For a deed I wish I couldn’t take part?”
Jaspeak looked him dead in the eye
“I want you to think about this each time you lie
Down to rest your weary head
Deep in the comfort of your elegant bed
I showed you the deep wonders of my land
Practically guiding you by the hand
You saw what we were capable of
And of all of our magic there was none stronger than love
We’re people of peace and generosity
Simply trying to be all we can be
You’ll be snuffing us out like a fire on a wick
The thought of doing so should make you sick


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