The Witch’s Memory part twenty four

“And with that violence you have darkened my heart
A darkness that could have ripped my body and soul apart
Leaving me far less than human
Afraid that absolutely nothing can
Pull me back from the gaping abyss
Burdening your heart with this
These bars shall not hold me forever
For the moment you can claim to be clever
I will be free sometime soon
And I’ll leave this kingdom you love in ruins
A smoldering husk of what it once was
I shall not treat it with delicate gloves
You will feel the true wrath of my rage
The full power of over a thousand mage
I’ll destroy everything you hold dear
And it will be my voice you last hear
As I cheer on the devastation
That has befallen your greedy nation
This will be your fate
If you don’t turn before it is too late.”
Roland paused with trepidation in his gaze
For a moment Jaspeak felt he might change his ways
Then Roland went to turn away from her
Leaving her confused and unsure of what would occur
Before he left her alone in the dark
His silence already leaving its mark
He spoke softly over his shoulder soft as a kiss
“I’m truly sorry for all of this.”
And like that he was done
Scampering off to be a king’s dutiful son
She cursed his name until her tongue fell dead
And she clawed at her flesh leaving it bloodied and red
Images of her family and friends across her mind flashed
Hope laying in her heart at once dashed
Then she curled into her tight little ball
Alone in the dark she let her tears fall
One by one she let them travel down her cheek
With each shed one she felt herself getting weak
She felt her magic dampening bit by bit
Unsure of that fire within her could ever be relit
For her magic was tied to her heart and feelings
Not sure how to handle these dealings
This sudden onset of distrust and betrayl
Left her feelings on humanity quite pale
How those claiming such civility
Could dish out such atrocity
And still lay their heads down at night
Without tossing and turning in cold fright

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