The Witch’s Memory part twenty five

She had seen what true monsters looked lke
And it wasn’t acts of violence when they chose to strike
They used words so sugary sweet
To usher in the death they greet
They were the skin of her fellow man
All while devising devious plans
Murderous plots they did so glean
Leaving their souls forever unclean
And she had been foolish enough to fall
For the games and schemes and all
Now her people would pay the price
For her arrogance of being too nice
Because she had fallen for a stupid boy
One who had given her unknown joy
Jaspeak huddled up on the floor
Her shame leaving her chilled to the core
Left to wonder when the day would come
Where she’d undo what was done
Every second became eternally so
With no way to tell how it was to go
Perhaps a day had passed, maybe a week
Nothing was stopping this from being bleak
Her only signal to the passage of time
Was a guard with bread and water brought down to the grime
Just when she thought she could shed no more tears
Left to be consumed by the gravity of her fears
There came a sound to greet the space
An unearthly sound not heard in this place
A feminine laugh, a melodic chortle
One made by more than one mortal
A trio of brilliant heavenly hemming and hawing
Jaspeak found herself drawn to the calling


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