The Witch’s Memory part twenty six

She poked her head between the bars of the cell
What she expected she couldn’t tell
But what she saw was a group of three
Women with their spirits free
Light so brilliant caught in their smile
That she was dazed for quite awhile
As though she had never seen light before
Their shine leaving her to adore
The presence in which they did display
Jaspeak was left with nary a word to say
The trio headed to the dungeon door
She was smitten with their look even more
Appearing like angels from on high
Dazzling beauty making her want to cry
“Why do you weep little one
Fear not, you are far from done”
Spoke one of the fair and ravishing women
With soft features and hair as dark as uncleansed sin
Jaspeak dabbed at the spot which was wet
Summoning as much strength as she could get
She spoke sincerely of the wrongs portrayed
The reasons why her heart was dismayed
She spoke of the love she once had
For none other than a callous cad
She spoke of a pain she could not understand
As she relayed what was happening to her land
The sheer devastation that was about to occur
The countless pots of anger left to stir
How this was about her people’s sake
The woman listened with a careful ear
Holding onto each word as it was precious and dear
Finally Jaspeak ran out of words to say
The foul cloud over them voluminous and grey


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