The Witch’s Memory part twenty seven

The women spoke soft and gentle
“These people have not learned still
How to treat their gentle brethren
For this is truly a sin
To not treat another man with value
Which show the darkness of the heart plain and true
Long have these people gone running amuck
Getting by on nothing more than blind luck
How dare they keep you locked in this cage
We cannot speak of how much rage
Has swelled within our chests
And we cannot allow this travesty to rest”
They spoke in unison of secret whispers
The air in the dungeon growing much crisper
It made the goosebumps on her skin rise
She felt swallowed by the women’s cries
Then Jaspeak felt the heat crackling off her skin
She saw the utter joy in their grin
The bars to her cell melted away
Her thanks she struggled to say
“No thanks is necessary you need to go
You need to make haste not go slow
Your people need you at this moment
Retrieve your magic this land has spent
Let yourself be drained no more from the dark
Go rekindle that lost spark”


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