The Witch’s Memory part twenty eight

The women spoke with a soft grace
Which softened the dark place
“Who are you three
And why do you seek to help me?”
The three did positively beam
Even in the darkness their light did gleam
“We have come from a forgotten past
When it seemed the age of magic would last
We were there from the very beginning
Before the world showed it had such sting
When things start to feel utterly bleak
We remember that we carry the spirit of Jaspeak
Seeking shelter from a world so cruel
Watching as the nonmagicals sought to rule
Hiding in the forest like cowering shadows
Waiting for the right moment to have arose
That time is now my sweet dear
Our day of return is near
Go little one to your homeland
Hope that your people have made a grand stand
Against the evils of the ones who lie
With their fields of gold and tongues so sly
Jaspeak spoke of his bloodline taking up his mantle
To rise up against a world so ill
So makes us a promise, let your word be true
That when you see what the nonmagicals have taken from you
You will return to the woods to seek us out
Don’t tarry long, we’ll be about
Waiting so still for your arrival
To help you answer your blood’s call”


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