The Witch’s Memory part twenty nine

She barely allowed the last word to be heard
Before Jaspeak consented and gave her word
And like that she took off in a flash
Tumbling through the doorwaywitha crash
Before long she was out in the wide open
Almost forgetting the women she was destined to meet again
She ran and ran and ran some more
She ran until her entire body was sore
A leisurely trek totaling days of four
Totaled now one and a half and no more
But what she saw made her wishshe died in that cell
As the land she loved had been torched to hell
Smoke climbed from the smoldering weck
All of her life gone up in ashen flecks
The fields of glitering golden wheat
Blackened from the blistering heat
Tears welled up in her eyes
Her tongue let loose a string of whys


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