I’m Not Dead…as far I know

Hello hello hello my fellow inkslayers and writeous ones! It’s been a while since I’ve written a Monday blog and perhaps just as long since I’ve posted any new pieces for The Witch’s Memory. For that I truly apologize. Things have been hectic as of late, but I do plan to rectify my lack of production on this blog.
I’ll be starting my little Monday check-ins again. Most likely it’ll be on a bi-weekly basis. Just little updates as to my thoughts and frustrations as it goes with my writing. Perhaps even what I’ve been reading, the little character boards I post on Instagram (trust me, on practically every social media you can find me @dfmatthews or @dfmatthews32. Try it!) . Either way I’ll be talking with you all more.
Fridays will be my day of sharing. Hopefully more of The Witch’s Memory will be up. And if not I’ll share what I’m  working on or I’ll do some flash or micro fiction. I think I have more than enough ideas to create something to get the mojo working.
So that’s pretty much it for now. Fingers crossed that I may have some news available for Beyond Here coming very soon.
Thank you very much to all the people who have been following along on this little adventure so far. It’s good to know that I have y’all in my corner. 😃
Well until next time have a writeous day!


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