The Witch’s Memory part thirty

*Hello inkslayers! As promised here is the next installment of The Witch’s Memory. If you need a recap the other twenty nine parts are still up on the blog. Hope you all enjoy!*

Devastation and bones littered the earth
Sapping the land of all of its worth
Jaspeak collapsed to the blackened ground in a heap
For the next three days all she could do was weep
As to the tainted ground the tears she gave
She was greeted by voices from the grave
The most haunting of all was the voice of her parents
She cursed the gods for what they had sent
For their voices were not harsh and full of rage
In fact they were calm and fragrant like sage
They said not to worry about their demise
To remain cunning, true and wise
Not to give in to her woe and her pain
Not allowing her soul to stain
That there was more to life than grief
This was their saving belief
Their calm lulled her to sleep like sweet libations
As they called for no retaliation
They’d meet again when her time had run dry
Until then they wished her to live and not slowly die
She awoke with her pain darkening her heart
A foot on the ground but not quite a part
Jaspeak rose to her feet, the weight of her choices bearing down
Bidding a mournful goodbye to her hometown
As she marched off to the woods she did cut
Guided by she didn’t know what
Something deep and primal inside
An instinct she couldn’t grasp no matter how she tried
She was being pulled to a cave, dank and grey
If this was the place she couldn’t say
There was no sign of the women from before
Yet she knew this was right deep in her core
Deeper into the cave the light had been snuffed
Jaspeak’s fine hairs had been tufted
Still she kept pressing forward through the black
And the cave provided the light it did lack
A pale blue light flickered atop a wick
Showing smooth walls so wet and slick
She followed the enticing glow
What to expect she didn’t know
When suddenly she heard a tune
And deep in her heart she felt a boon
A melody that her heart had long lost
One she had to retrieve at any cost
Onward she pushed through the light
Letting it wash over, cool and bright
Until at last she arrived at a vast opening
Where she saw the three women around a circle sing
They circled a wide pit of bright blue fire
Their voices in unison made an angelic choir


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