The Witch’s Memory part thirty two

“What once was lost shall return

To where the cleansing fire sparks and burn

Magic flowing clean and pure

To make sure our kingdom shall endure

Darkest night and brightest day

Our very truth shall not sway

We come with peace deep in our heart

With this in our core we shall not part

Our founder spoke these words as true

We speak them back to the fire of blue

Do not lead us astray trusted Jaspeak

Lead us not into a world so bleak

Dearest founder come and rise

Save us from all we despise

Shape the world as you see fit

Upon a throne of fire and bone you sit

A crown so befitting rest atop your head

Rise oh rise from the dead

Your faithful servants await your grace

For the rightful ruler to take his place.”

They repeated these lines several times

And Jaspeak found herself lost in the words and rhymes

The women were oblivious to her presence

So she remained veiled in her silence

In awe of the unity shared between

A love for each other she couldn’t glean

Soon after her arrival the song came to a halt

And Jaspeak approached this strange cult

Drawing near she felt at ease

With the sisters in their threes





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