The Witch’s Memory part thirty three

“So you have come” said the women in unison
“We trust that you have seen what was done
To the ones we cherish most
This is something that cannot be allowed to coast
To be swept under the rug like this is fine
The nonmagicals are no more than swine
Treating the soil like this is some toy
A treacherous game that brings them some joy
Surely there are questions that you have for us
Ask away you have our trust”
Many questions rattled around in her head
And there were many paths in which each one led
“Can you tell me” asked Jaspeak
“Why your origin is so bleak
Nearly since birth I have been regaled
With the stories of where you all hailed
If I am correct then you three are
The missing royal sisters from the land so far
Your sister was given over to my great-great-great grandfather
And if those stories are true why even bother
To keep this going, casting yourself to the dark
And letting it go corrupt your spark
Why not go back to land from where you hailed
Instead of hiding where you cannot be trailed?”

Until next time, have a writeous day!


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