The Witch’s Memory part thirty four

The three women came closer to the girl

The magic in their eyes beginning to swirl

“Our elongated lives allow us to learn

Which side of the world we’d rather turn

We were spoiled by our royal life

Ignorant to all the turmoil and strife

That was brought about by our bloodline

Although presented with many we could not read a single sign

Being kidnapped by your ancestor did cause distress

Of that we could have had much less

Without it though we would have stayed dull

Caught up in the fog of the world’s lull

We would have never seen how magic works

And how all the riches bestowed to us were really a curse

Your ancestor was wise and quick

Identifying what was making the world sick

He taught us all his many ways

That is why we shower his legacy with praise

Jaspeak the first was not as dark as stories have told

The man was strong and bold

With revelations that transcended time

Jaspeak was great, no, he was sublime”






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