The Witch’s Memory part thirty five

The girl sat and rued on their word
Something inside of her at once stirred
A forgotten calling caught in the chambers of their heart
As if it had been there from the very start
She took every last word as true
Her yearning to learn more magic set to brew
The pain within her dampened her attitude
All the more as she started to broad
Over all she’d lost because of that boy
Her heart, ner desires, her joy
She’d make him suffer just as she had
For those lost, her mom and dad
It was equal justice in the confines of her mind
To appease the sorrows of all her kind
The women welcomed her with open arms
Casting upon her useful charms
Immortality, divinity, and grace
Enough to handle the long road ahead no matter the case
They trained her much like they had
Been brought up by her great-great-great granddad
They did not treat Jaspeak like a gentle flower
More over they did not hold back with their power
Blow after blow, hit after hit
To stave off the pain her teeth she would grit

Until next time, have a writeous day!


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