The Orphaned Chapter Five

There was no anesthesia. This was penance for not listening, for not paying attention to her Father. Susana felt every jolt, wiggle and slice of the surgeons’ scalpel and every other tool they decided to use. They took care care not to miss a thing. In her head she knew she should be thankful for their accuracy. Yet she had a feeling they had their orders to make sure she suffered.
This was to be her lot in life.
For the pain and trouble she undoubtedly brought to Harmon’s life she’d bear the cross happily. Every once in a while as the surgeons continued to mend and mutilate her, their eyes drifted up to hers. A pair of brown or green eyes would hold her gaze for a time. With her eyes she spoke, “I can kill you all. That scalpel you’re holding will be embedded in your forehead, and with just one arm I can bludgeon the rest of your coworkers with your useless limbs after I rip them from their sockets. So don’t make this pain any worse than it has to be.” She was positive the surgeon didn’t comprehend her message, but it helped her to focus when she imagined they did.
Her emerald gaze searched the glass periodically. Earlier Harmon stood outside the glass, leaning against the smooth surface as if it were holding him up. Never before had she seen him that way, deflated and physically exhausted. All tension left his body, he resembled a marionette chucked into a corner to await its owner’s return to make it live again.
She ached for his plight.
Surely he would have to go in front of Jones, explaining what in the hell happened. It wasn’t as if he was a favorite of the Fathers to begin with. He’d kept her from a bulk of missions claiming she wasn’t ready, instead keeping her relegated to recon and information gathering. He never said it outright but Susana knew it was because Harmon didn’t want to become like the others. Keeping her from turning into a flesh veiled machine like Veronica or Seven. He never said it. He spoke it through the way he watched them, watching how they were trained.
True they were special, gifted even. Their weapon mastery was something to behold. No matter what gun or blade was placed in front of them they had the ability to make it an extension of their being. They’d move and fire with an unnatural ease, always hitting their mark. Most Fathers wanted their Orphans the same way.
Not Harmon.
He stressed for her to be herself, to learn at her own time. Harmon felt she had enough skill to survive, enough to accomplish any sort of mission tasked to them. She always felt that he was right. Yet something went terribly wrong this last time. Susana didn’t feel in control of her body or actions. Far away feelings consumed her and she surrendered to them. The feelings made her someone else, an ancient beast clawing its way out of the ooze. As much as she hated to admit it, she enjoyed the feeling. The power, the control, how freeing it was to move so sharply. To feel like a gust of air, everywhere and nowhere at the same time. All of her senses heightened, more than they had ever been before.
The entire time she never had control, her limbs manipulated by an unseen puppeteer. That was frightening. That is what got Harmon in trouble.
She’d have to work on that.
At some point Harmon left the window while a frustrated look ghosted over his eyes. Susana was sure he was headed to see Jones. Undoubtedly he would return in a much worse mood. And it would all be her fault.
With Harmon gone, those steely eyes not fixed on her, she felt truly alone. The collection of surgeons didn’t make her feel anymore secure. They in fact made her feel more alone. She’d give anything to make her case to Jones now. There was no reason for Harmon to take claim of her faults. She’d take the blame and penalties.
Even Flunk Out.


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