The Orphaned Chapter Six

*After this chapter I’ll return to The Witch’s Memory once again. I hope you’ve enjoyed what’s been produced so far! 😃😃😃*

” So what happened out there?” Jones didn’t even bother to look Harmon in the eyes. Instead he tapped at his keyboard. The sound of the keys being struck made it sound like the world was shivering.
Harmon focused on where the man’s eyes should have been. It would’ve been easy to express himself simply to the glare of his eyes, but the man never gave him that pleasure.
” Everything is in my report,” Harmon groaned through clenched teeth. ” There’s nothing else to say.”
” You know as well as I that what is put to ink and paper is not really the whole story. Have someone says it is the truth. It allows you to around between the words, dig up the facts, implications, doubts, secrets you want to keep from the organization.”
” I’m not hiding anything.”
” Then you will be no problem recounting how a simple mission resulted in an Orphan being shot and paralyzed.” Now the master of the house shot a brief glance his way. Those cold ice like eyes boring through him.
They stood that way for some time, having a mental showdown before Harmon finally broke. He did so with a groan and a pang of something awful in his stomach. Harmon never broke eye contact with Jones as he recounted everything that had happened. Speaking the words that change the fact he could hardly believe what his Susanna had done. She had never moved like that before, her strength was unimaginable. She also had never broken a direct order before. He did his best not to betray any of this to Jones, keeping his voice steady as he could and keeping those gunmetal eyes locked on his target.
This interview was not about what he felt.
But what he felt like it Susanna terminated.
As he broke down every nuance he was capable of remembering he Susanna on his mind. He was her charge. He was her damn father. To him it was no different than the minimum and he had served with years ago. As this thought flittered through his mind he knew it was a lie. His Susanna was different.
Susanna never asked to be here in the situation. She never volunteered to protect their country, to have scientists treat her like a guinea pig, to have a portion of her memory wiped away. Yes he left his military family he would lay down his life for them, but for Susanna… For Susanna he’d take the fight to death to come back and protect her and die all over again. He hated the title of Father and Mother the Orphans were made to call them. Yet he had to wonder if this was how a father felt with their child. That viselike grip constricting around his heart.
Was that fatherly love? You decide he wrapped up his report with how we found her paralyzed the room, and how Romanski attempted to run. He omitted however calmly fired on an unarmed man and how in truth Romanski surrendered. Harmon also did not mention the laugh the Russian gave as he sat there bleeding from his knees. No, you don’t tell Jones things like that.
One Harmon was done he kept his eyes on Jones, barely blinking in the process. The baldheaded Jones back in the leather care, his fingers people in front of his lips. One could see the words swirling around in his eyes like a balance load of laundry. Bang bang bang bang banging around, begging for someone to take them out and make sense of them.
” So what do you think?” Jones asked finally.
” About what Sir?”
” Your Orphan. Did we misplace her? If so she should be with Honors. Honors are very hard to come by.”
” She is not an Honor sir.”
” But the way you describe her –”
” it may have been a glitch in your serum. You gave me charged over her for the past three years, I know her and have trained her myself. She is not at the level of an Honor.”
Jones sank deeper into his seat. ” Perhaps that’s the problem. It’s no secret you are… The weakest of the Fathers in the program. You’re too afraid to rough up your girl as the others do. Frankly I’m wondering if bringing you on was a mistake.”
Harmon allowed his contact to be broken as he stood up swiftly. His teeth were clenched so tight that they appear to be on the verge shattering. That tightness around his heart was even tighter now.
” You won’t touch her.”
” Excuse me? She is our property. A tool. A glorified pet. And a pet you have never successfully housebroken. I’ll give her to someone who will properly trained her.”
” No, you won’t.”
” And why wouldn’t I?”
” Because if she is an Honor then I trained her to be without all your techniques. I did it my way. If you truly believe she was misplaced thing you’re saying I was right. Besides, she’s wounded. She may never be had to do such a thing again. Training her would mean compensating for her injury. There’s no one here who would do that. I can and I will. So yes I believe you won’t be sending her anywhere.”
The subtle smile on Jones’s face fell hard. He sour grimness appeared on his face followed by flush of pink to his cheeks. Flame shot up behind his eyes. For a moment Harmon wondered if the man would actually pull out secreted gun he kept under the desk and kill him in cold blood.
But he didn’t.
” Get the hell out of my office.” The words slithered around the man’s teeth leaving a venomous trail into Harmon’s ear.
Harmon turned and headed for the door. Before his hand twisted the knob to the to leave he craned his head back to call back to Jones. “Susanna will be off-duty until she heals.” Jones remained silent. ” I’ll be taking her off premises for an extended time, she deserves it.”
He turned around to leave once again and this time Jones called to him. “Two days. You get two days. If you’re both not back by then I will send the Honors after you to wipe you off the face of the Earth. Is that understood?”
Harmon left without an answer, heading in the direction of Susanna’s dorm. Around him the hallway felt like it was closing around him. He will be so happy to finally leave the walls of this place. More so he wanted to keep riding away escape was Susanna, giving her the life she so rightfully deserved. Before long he was at her door, knocking. The door opened silently to reveal the blonde head of Veronica. Before the door and opened he registered that she was all smiles. There was something about the park that drove her to fix that smile onto her face yet she keeps her eyes on the floor like a puppy that’s ashamed of what was done.
He walked past her, giving her a cursory glances he did so. As he walked in he heard Susanna gasp. Harmon turned in her direction. Susanna sprang to her feet, meaning. Her fingers straightened out the wrinkles in the schoolgirl outfit she wore. She looked good in spite of the wounds.
The words came tumbling out of Susanna’s mouth. ” I’m so sorry. I’m never do anything like that again. I don’t usually do that. Please please forgive me.”
He waved his hand dismissively. ” Don’t worry about it. Come with me.”
She shivered. ” I’m sorry.”
” Nothing is going to happen to you.” He smiled. ” You did a great job. So great in fact that we have a couple days off.”
Her lips stretched wide as the words and on her ears. ” Yeah?”
“Yes. Meet me in the lobby in a hour.”
She nodded and he left. Just like that all was right in their shattered and fragmented world.


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