The Witch’s Memory part thirty seven

Youthfulness had receded from his eyes
Giving him an oh so wise guise
However he felt no such thing
Only feeling the weight of the pressure it did bring
Five years had gone since his father’s passing
And his work load kept amassing
Roland went to king from prince
His kingdom had been hanging on ever since
The land that had been claimed from those with magic
Was a deal that wound up tragic
The land bore no grass, wheat or fruit
And the people believed it was haunted to boot
A curse left behind by the departed
And that was just where it all started
Lately the curse had edged into the land
Leaving patches of the kingdom as dry as sand
With the old king long buried in the ground
A solution to this problem was nowhere to be found
It all was left to rest on his head now
Leaving him to wonder how
Under the light of the yellow sun
He could break what was done
Repaying what was done that fateful day
The deaths of so many leaving his spirit grey


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