The Witch’s Memory part thirty nine

Time had gone by and the time had come
For a sparkling new arrival to the kingdom
A baby girl so grand and new
She turned Roland’s dark skies blue
The princess went by the name of Ree
And she was truly a sight to see
Royalty  came from far and wide
To look upon who they hoped to be their prince’s bride
Roland, so dutiful and strong
Told them all how they were wrong
His daughter’s hand was meant for the best
And there would be no treasure chest
Large enough to hold
Enough treasure to match her worth untold
As countless hordes came to see the newborn girl
There was something to make him whirl
A glimmer, a shadow, a mist
Of the girl with whom he had a tryst
Not a hair was out of place upon her head
She did glide, not so much tread
He tried to look above the crowd
The voices in his head growing loud
Nagging cried from the darkness
Reminding him of the mess
That he helped cause long ago
But his regret he had to let her know
He did his best to push through the mass
King Roland made his way through but alas
She’d vanished like morning dew
Where she had gone he hadn’t a clue
If she had ever been there at all
The loss of his mind was something he foresaw
Penalty for what he had done
No matter how the story was spun


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