The Witch’s Memory part forty two

The recognition that his daughter was growing fast
Her childhood not meant to last
It was at her age when plans were put into motion
To start the devious plan that had no potion
To cure all the lives that had been changed
And that left him feeling so deranged
His guilt made his mind wander
Giving him time to ponder
All the ways to pay retribution
To all the souls who met execution
He may not have wanted her to be a gift
But perhaps that would cause the curse to lift
If he offered her to a fine betrothed
Although it was a plan he loathed
Far from this land she’d be safe
None of the curse left to face
She was his pride and joy
Now he had to find her a worthy boy
He called his advisors to do their best
And they want to do the rest
They scoured scrolls and family lineage
This was them at their busiest
Running from countryside to countryside
Spanning nearly a continent wide
Bringing back their mate of choice
For the princess who was losing her voice


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