The Witch’s Memory part forty three

First of the litter was strapping lad
No more charming smile was there to be had
But this young prince had a wandering eye
And a penchant to all out lie
This one would be surely no good
Princess Ree deserved to treat her as a prince should
Next came a charming brute
Who came with an array of battle scars to boot
As many brutes do he was given to ale
And the weaving of a boisterous tale
However he was also expressive with his hand
Not caring where his fist did land
More often than not his hand met the face of Ree
Leaving a difficult sight to see
After this King Roland brought her home
No longer allowing her to roam
His decision had caused his daughter pain
And a darkness upon his soul did stain
How could he keep the princess from harm?
To avoid this land’s evil charm?
With his daughter safe within the castle walls
The king ignored his advisors’ calls
And wandered to the cursed kingdom
The source from where his problems came from
Willing to lay down his life for those
Who this life thy had not chose


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