The Witch’s Memory part forty four 

​He sat there and waited for his fate

He sat until the night turned late

Just as it seemed it was all for naught

On the horizon his eyes were caught

By a figure creeping through the mist

The urge to run he had to resist

Not from fear of an ugly mask

But rather from the beauty he was made to bask

A green-eyed brunette dressed in silk

Came walking up with skin like milk

The silk dress pinched at her hips 

And cherry red coated her lips

She was a sight to behold

But not the greatest beauty all truth be told

That honor belonged to the girl from hi past life

The one he had taught the meaning of strife

The woman came up smelling of lilac 

And breathing in her scent removed the black

That plagued his soul and his heart

Renewing him like a brand new start

“Why do you sit here on your knees 

Making wishes and feeble pleas


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