The Witch’s Memory part forty five

​”You wallow in the ruins of yesteryear

With all of your regrets and your fear

What’s done is done, there’s nothing left

But for old bones, decay and death

There’s nothing more this land can give

So rise to your feet and proceed to live

Today, tomorrow, and the next day too

Until the world says it’s through

Let these gentle souls rest 

Do not let their deaths be but a jest”

King Roland could not let this go

In the waning moonlight his tears did show

“Please hear me out oh gentle soul

Let my life be enough to pay the toll

My child did not ask to bear this curse

I will take this burden and far, far worse

Impossible things still happen day by day

So defeated is not how I will walk away

I understand the wrong I’ve done

And how there is no heart that I have won

My silence was as damning as a knife

Implicit in the taking of life

Take my soul and what you will

I will give it all, there’s no need to steal

I will offer it up on a silver dish

Just please grant me this one final wish”

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