The Witch’s Memory part forty nine

​The time it takes lingers more than a night

The results that come will never come to your sight

I need your trust that this will be done 

What do you say oh kingdom’s son?”

There was no question in Roland’s mind

His chance for redemption left him blind 

He gave his word to the woman

Closing his eyes in order to summon

The courage it would take to greet the hereafter 

A fate he could not ignore no matter

If his nerves were slightly frayed

It would repay the part he played

In betraying the heart of the girl long ago

He hoped his sacrifice was enough to show

The surrendered himself with a calm spirit

Praying that his people would not forget

What it means to be a human being

And that talk means nothing with no action worth seeing

He waited for his time to come

Waiting for his nightmare to be over and done

When nothing happened he opened his eyes

Only to be met with dread and surprise 


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