The Witch’s Memory part fifty one

​What happened to your kin

Was an outright sin

You were my love and I let you slip away

There’s not a moment where I don’t regret that day

If you held a flicker of love for me

Tell me now you will not let this be

The suffering among us has to cease

I beg of you to grant us release”

A laugh came from her throat

Her jovial  spirit sent a float

“There was a time I’d have taken your word as true

Now your words are just ash floating in the blue

I gave you my heart and you smashed it in return

Feeling nothing as you watched my world burn

I am haunted by all I have lost

Living each day with such a heavy cost

Now I’m stronger than I was before

With the strength taking hold within my core

You will feel what it’s like to be me

I’ll make sure you’ll be around to see

A vision which I in turn was denied

A devastation that I should not have survived 


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