The Witch’s Memory part fifty two

​Say what you will to your daughter dear

So I will complete our transaction and cause you fear.”

With that there was a great fog 

As though a foul wind washed over the steaming bog 

Jaspeak was swallowed whole by the veil 

While Roland was met face to face with fail 

A cool breeze came through as he was left alone 

And the brilliance of the moon shone 

He wandered back to his kingdom in dismay 

Not sure of what he could say 

He’d waited a lifetime to see Jaspeak again 

Never had he expected to see her devil within 

No longer the girl who had captivated his heart 

This time it was a brand new start 

Soul heavy he wandered through the castle gate 

Not yet ready to accept his fate 

The princess slept upon her bed 

If not for the rise and fall of her chest she could’ve been dead 

At peace in a world so dark and bleak 

He cried at the thought of not giving her the world she did seek 


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