The Witch’s Memory part fifty four

​I hate that I brought you into this sin

Hopefully from my end your true life will begin

You’ll have a real chance at living your own life

One without any malice or strife

Be better than all of us my child

Let our bloodline no longer be tarred and wild

I’m asking a lot this much is true

But know my darling daughter that I love you”

With that he gave her a kiss on the head

And in his gut there was a pit of dread

His end was coming this night

Surely before the coming of the first light

King Roland left his daughter’s presence

In no mood to meet his sentence

He found his way to the balcony

Surveying all there was to see

Long grey clouds hung like a veil

Over a shimmering moon nearly twice the scale

Something was amiss about the night’s pearl

As the wind started to howl and swirl


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