The Witch’s Memory part fifty five

​Long shadows danced in the night

It was such an extravagant sight

A troupe of darkness performing for him

All at the night’s jovial whim

He knew dark things hid beyond the show

Hiding in plain sight of the moon’s glow

Soon Jaspeak did reappear

Still looking lovely in a dress so sheer

She was drifting like a leaf upon the wind

It was unsettling the way she grinned

As if she didn’t hold life and death in her hand

No matter how hard he tried he’d never understand

She landed on the balcony with barely a thought

Coming for the debt she sought

“Your affairs better be in order” said Jaspeak

I’ve come for retribution that I seek

My heart smiles at your downfall

It delights me more than I ever foresaw”

Roland gave off a deep sigh

“I’m deserving of my fate this is no lie

But my daughter has no stake in this

Her page in our book does not exist

I’ll ask once again for you to spare her

Let her slip from your fingers like holding water

Let her no longer be a pawn in this game

Not when I am truly the one to blame”


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