The Witch’s Memory part fifty eight

​A doppelganger stood in his face

Roland wondered what was going on in this place

Where suddenly he was met with a twin

From the tips of its toes to the boyish grin

“Roland my dear meet Roland Two

My much qualified replacement for you”

Said Jaspeak with a lilt in her voice

“You have given me utterly no choice

A disappearance from a king would not suffice 

And your death although earned and quite nice

Would make you a martyr to be mourned

Not the refuge who should be scorned

Roland Two will be my mouth piece

For as long as I choose before it will cease

Death for you would be much too easy

Far too much for someone so sleazy 

I will reveal to them their two-faced king

And all the hurt that it brings” 

With that her eyes did burn 

Something deadly and oh so stern

A wicked gleam shimmered from her face

And suddenly he drifting into time and space


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