The Witch’s Memory part fifty nine 

​Lost in a flurry of sparks and color

That danced around him with pain until he could take no more

His bones began to morph and reshape

In a display that would leave any mouth agape

Soon he stood over her by nearly a head

His confusion filled him with true dread

He opened his mouth with foul words to say

But all thay came out was a braying neigh

He reared back with his hooves stretching high

There was no logical reason as to why

His hands were now sturdy hooves

But he realized there was much to lose

King Roland was now a full-fledged horse

Quite a deflection from what he thought the course

He stomped his hoof with a thundering bray

Jaspeak gave a cackle before she looked at him to say

“From royal blood to braying mare

Is only the beginning of making things fair

Death is too simple a claim

It would only leave things exactly the same 

Your blood will keep you forever alive

So you can live as you try to thrive

Now that is satisfying fate

You’ll watch the world pass by an inch at a time

Without being able to lift a finger to this crime

Roland 2 will rule in your stead

Expanding the kingdom over where my family bled

That’s all I’ll say keeping my truth to the chest

There’s no need for you to know the rest 

This is my curse and nothing more

Still it will be enough for you to endure”

Jaspeak faded away into stardust

While Roland the horse could only neigh in disgust


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