The Witch’s Memory part sixty

​“Guards! Guards!” the fake Roland clammored

Startling security from the sleep that kept them enamored 

“How could this happen? How could this be?

There is a horse standing right in front of me!”

Then there came a rush from behind the door

In came the palace guards in a cluster of four

Spears drawn and readied for a fight 

Even they could not fathom what happened this night 

Sure enough there was a horse in front of the king

How was it this could actually be a thing

A four-legged beast inside the castle walls 

And no one would have known if not for the king’s calls

Roland the horse made a beeline for the door

Knocking aside the guards of four

Panic gripped his equine heart

Where to go he had no idea where to start

So he ran as fast as he could

Much faster than any true horse should

Out into the hall and down the stairs

Scaring the staff and spilling the wares

In the middle of the night the castle was in shambles

As a kingly horse came with a ramble

Bucking wildly in the foyer

As he lacked the fingers to grip the door

Before long his neck was bound with rope

Solidifying his lack of hope

A dozen guardsmen led him away

From the home he wished to stay


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