The Witch’s Memory part sixty two

King Roland 2 called a grand meeting from the balcony

Presenting himself for all to see

“Ladies and gentlemen the time has come

For my daughter to go and find the one

Becoming a spinster at the age of eighteen 

This will not do for your future queen”

Out came his daughter, his joy and his pride

To arrive at the false king’s side

The fake king put an arm around the girl

It was all the horse could do to not hurl

Roland 2 continued on

“Our kingdom will open at dawn

For a son who will make us all proud

One heads above the crowd

Princes from far and wide will come

In the evening moon and morning sun

So take a good look at my daughter dear

For hopefully in a time very near 

My daughter will have a suitor to call husband 

Leaving our land to mend”

The crowd roared their unwavering support

Not knowing of this resort

They couldn’t see the pain within her eyes

They couldn’t see past the charade and lies

That his little girl was full of fright

At what was sure to be a perilous plight


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