The Witch’s Memory part sixty six

She was much too bold for that

Much too determined to be beneath a rat

She ran and ran until the ground came to an end

A deep cliff where the trees did bend

Once there she dropped down as if in prayer

While the moon watched over in its pearl stare

Plump tears coursed down her cheek

As she wondered if she’d find the peace she did seek

“Whatever will I do?”

Asked the princess with the eyes deep blue

“I am not a pawn to move around a board

I am more than property for some self-entitled lord

Why is it the world has gone mad

No matter if it leaves me broken and sad

How long must I be away

From the place I wish to stay

For I am more than a bethrothed hand

More than royalty meant for one land

As a woman I have the right to choose

From more than a room of people bound to schmooze

A man or woman with greatness in their heart

Would be a great place for one to start”


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