Writing Quote Wednesday

Read. Read. Read. Read many genres. Read good writing. Read bad writing and figure out the difference. Learn the craft of writing.”

– Carol Berg


The Witch’s Memory part 25

Time had gone by and the time had come
For a sparkling new arrival to the kingdom
A baby girl so grand and new
She turned Roland’s dark skies blue
The princess went by the name of Ree
And she was truly a sight to see
Royalty came from far and wide
To look upon who they hoped to be their prince’s bride
Roland, so dutiful and strong
Told them all how they were wrong
His daughter’s hand was meant for the best
And there would be no treasure chest
Large enough to hold
Enough treasure to match her worth untold
As countless hordes came to see the newborn girl
There was something to make him whirl
A glimmer, a shadow, a mist
Of the girl with whom he had a tryst
Not a hair was out of place upon her head
She did glide, not so much tread
He tried to look above the crowd
The voices in his head growing loud
Nagging cried from the darkness
Reminding him of the mess
That he helped cause long ago
But his regret he had to let her know
He did his best to push through the mass
King Roland made his way through but alas
She’d vanished like morning dew
Where she had gone he hadn’t a clue
If she had ever been there at all
The loss of his mind was something he foresaw
Penalty for what he had done
No matter how the story was spun
Of course Jaspeak was truly there
Only to make him very aware
That she was alive and her memory solid
And that she would never forget what he did
His life could on and all would be good
In fact even better than it should
There was worse pain than losing your land
Even worse than giving up your hand
She’d make him see it and have him choose
Have him feel what it was like to lose
King Roland was allowed to forget
That time when he was full of regret
As time went on and the seasons change
Nothing at all appeared too strange
His kingdom still rested on the brink of peril
However he had his sweet little girl
Who was now not so small
For a girl of sixteen she was rather tall
Her beauty only seemed to magnify
While time continued to creep on by
Princess Ree had come to a marrying age
At least that was the advice from his advisors so sage
King Roland would no longer hold back
His daughter with the hair so black
That it shone like midnight upon the sea
He would have to set his daughter free
But which suitor would be worthy of her hand
When she was of such high demand

The Witch’s Memory part 24

Youthfulness had receded from his eyes
Giving him an oh so wise guise
However he felt no such thing
Only feeling the weight of the pressure it did bring
Five years had gone since his father’s passing
And his work load kept amassing
Roland went to king from prince
His kingdom had been hanging on ever since
The land that had been claimed from those with magic
Was a deal that wound up tragic
The land bore no grass, wheat or fruit
And the people believed it was haunted to boot
A curse left behind by the departed
And that was just where it all started
Lately the curse had edged into the land
Leaving patches of the kingdom as dry as sand
With the old king long buried in the ground
A solution to this problem was nowhere to be found
It all was left to rest on his head now
Leaving him to wonder how
Under the light of the yellow sun
He could break what was done
Repaying what was done that fateful day
The deaths of so many leaving his spirit grey
While he sat and contemplated
The kingdom was kept distracted
By the goings-on of their newly crowned king
And all the drama that his royalty did bring
Before the coronation of his kingly crown
Princesses from all over began picking out their wedding gown
Vying for his clear affection
Hoping to not receive rejection
In spite of the bleating of his heart
For the love of the girl he could not part
His counselors advised him to take up a wife
To dissuade his citizens of the ongoing strife
So he did as he was told
And found himself bound with a band of gold
To a woman from a distant land
He gave her the courtesy of his hand
She was beautiful, with hair of sunlight
In spite of her looks all was not right
Roland knew he should be grateful for such a stunning bride
A ghost of his true love would not leave no matter how he tried
But he smiled true and true
For each day he saw all the way through
He muddled through each day of his life
The pain of such a thing cut like a knife
Yet he smiled and endured as well as he could
Doing all the things a kingly king should

The Witch’s Memory part 23

The three women came closer to the girl
The magic in their eyes beginning to swirl
“Our elongated lives allow us to learn
Which side of the world we’d rather turn
We were spoiled by our royal life
Ignorant to all the turmoil and strife
That was brought about by our bloodline
Although presented with many we could not read a single sign
Being kidnapped by your ancestor did cause distress
Of that we could have had much less
Without it though we would have stayed dull
Caught up in the fog of the world’s lull
We would have never seen how magic works
And how all the riches bestowed to us were really a curse
Your ancestor was wise and quick
Identifying what was making the world sick
He taught us all his many ways
That is why we shower his legacy with praise
Jaspeak the first was not as dark as stories have told
The man was strong and bold
With revelations that transcended time
Jaspeak was great, no, he was sublime”
The girl sat and rued on their word
Something inside of her at once stirred
A forgotten calling caught in the chambers of their heart
As if it had been there from the very start
She took every last word as true
Her yearning to learn more magic set to brew
The pain within her dampened her attitude
All the more as she started to broad
Over all she’d lost because of that boy
Her heart, ner desires, her joy
She’d make him suffer just as she had
For those lost, her mom and dad
It was equal justice in the confines of her mind
To appease the sorrows of all her kind
The women welcomed her with open arms
Casting upon her useful charms
Immortality, divinity, and grace
Enough to handle the long road ahead no matter the case
They trained her much like they had
Been brought up by her great-great-great granddad
They did not treat Jaspeak like a gentle flower
More over they did not hold back with their power
Blow after blow, hit after hit
To stave off the pain her teeth she would grit
As her pain though great, could hardly compare
To what her people suffered from the boy so fair
A day turned to a week which turned to a year
That year turned to a decade Jaspeak had to engineer
A plan to exact her revenge
Her bloodline she was sure to avenge
Though time passed on much like a river can flow
It did little to extinguish her glow
Although older she truly was at heart
She was the same girl she was from the start
Beautiful and rosy cheeked
While carrying the darkness that she did seek
Meanwhile the prince felt the passing of time
His heart patched with black from the nature of his crime
He was built more solid than when he had met
The witch for whom he’d never forget