Writing Quote Wednesday

You’re never going to kill storytelling, because it’s built into the human plan. We come with it.”

-Margaret Atwood


Writing Quote Wednesday

Like, one rule is: you gotta finish your sh#@. You just do. No, I don’t mean that every story you begin must be a story you finish — sometimes you gotta cut bait and run, but in the overarching journey of your writing adventure, you need to finish your sh@#. Complete your poop. Do the thing. Because a story is a thing with a beginning, a middle, and an end. And you cannot learn how to tell a story unless you learn to tell a complete story. You cannot learn to write an ending if you never write an ending.

-Chuck Wendig

The Witch’s Memory part 13 (recap)

Jaspeak’s heart swelled at this sight
This would be what she took from the night
The stunned silence which crowded the air
As they marveled at the lake without a care
The moon rose high as minutes turned to hours
Along came a misting shower
Calming rain washed over the two
Signaling their night was through
She bid the boy goodbye
And the boy let out a deep sigh
“Same place and time in two weeks?”
Asked Roland in a voice rather meek
Jaspeak gave a smile rather great
“Yes indeed but please don’t be late.”
They went their separate ways
Then they met again every fourteen days
In secrecy they continued this game
Their doings never quite the same
Under the pale gaze of the moon
She showed him the wonders of Ryamadoon
The cave of wonders hidden deep
To the Singing Pool where mermaids sleep
She showed him how to conjure a storm
Then how to create a fire to keep warm
There were so many things for them to see
But other place she’d rather be
Her feelings for him grew with every tryst
And she wondered how it would be if they kissed
A different kind of magic she did assume
One capable of relieving any gloom
Like a rainbow bursting through the clouds
Making her heart sing boisterously loud
It went on this way for some time
The feeling was going rather sublime
Six months went by and the air started to grow chill
A time when everyone had been left to winter’s will
Traveling to see Roland was going to be a challenge
But she started to think she could manage
As she thought up another ploy
Her father thought she was being rather coy
Up to something in these late night excursions
Coming home with such aversion
Hiding secrets under his roof
It was a trait a tad uncouth
These were not the actions of the daughter he knew
The one who loved him and her mother through and through
This was a stranger dressed in her flesh
One who couldn’t get along or mesh
With the offerings of her home and land
And that was something he couldn’t stand
She came home sweet, content
But he wondered how her time was spent
He ventured to ask before she laid down her head
Having her speak her heart instead
Still he chose to let her rest for now
He’d find the truth someway somehow
The next time she went out , air chilled and crisp
As she was followed by a pestering wisp
That glowed light blue right by her ear
A persistent reminder that someone was near
She spotted Roland caught in the midst of trees
A feeling of joy travelled from her head to her knees
He offered a smile rather tired
Losing the charm and mystique she had admired
“Has something happened to you my dear?”
She asked not feigning her fear
“It’s nothing Jaspeak” He answered quite wry
“Just pondering things by and by
I enjoy our time together I truly do
So it grieves me to ask something of you”

The Witch’s Memory part 11 (recap)

At this Jaspeak did scoff
Rolling her eyes and jutting her head aloft
“I didn’t need any of your rescue
I am quite fine and well to do
It seems we’ve come to an impasse
So tell me your name at last.”
He brushed off his clothes with the back of his hand
“I go by the name Roland
From a kingdom a ways aways
A journey by foot rounding about four days
The kingdom is called Udonvalle
My father works the majesty’s jail
My mother passed away last winter
Every fallen snowflake makes me miss her
I myself am the apprentice of a smith
A patient man who is very forthwith
I am learning the craft at lightning pace
Building weaponry for a swordsman with grace
It is a craft where I can mature
Making quite certain my future is secure.”
Jaspeak gave a quizzical gaze
As if losing herself in a distant haze
She wondered after this strange boy
The one who now seemed devoid of joy
Jaspeak stood letting the moment linger
A wind coming in as fierce as winter
“So tell me how it is you found yourself here
In these woods cloaked in fear
Are you seeking to forage from this land
Stealing our riches that you conceal in your hand?”
She posed the question serious and steadfast
After a wounded pause the boy spoke at last
“I have no desire to pilfer this place
For that matter to invade yours or anyone’s space
I sought some solace so I ran away
Not to tarry long, I expected to be gone a day
As I began walking my head went clear
Clearer it got with no one near
My father began speaking the word destiny
And I truth the word frightened me
To think of being a part of a preset plan
Not having the option to become my own man
Never being free to explore the earth
To find out what I’m truly worth
I didn’t mean to be gone this long
Surely father thinks something is wrong
Perhaps it would be best if I take my leave
I don’t want my father too much to grieve.”
With that the boy readied himself to go
What to do Jaspeak didn’t know
She knew all too well how he felt
To be a part of a hand already dealt
She herself had been destined to become
A better example of where her name came from
To be great, shining, and bright
To turn a dark deed toward the light
It was a burden, cumbersome at best
Always wondering if you’ll pass the test
The boy was ready to walkout of her life
Her heart conflicted and filled with strife
“Wait,” she hollered as well as she could
Still loud enough to wake the wood
“Don’t leave in such a huff
I was giving you a bit of guff
My name is Jaspeak I was born here
That is why these woods offer me no fear
Don’t run off just like that
I’ll tell you that I’d like to chat
It’s not easy to be me
To be expected to be more than you see
Perhaps we can meet where we are
Beneath the point of the highest star
The one so bright and easy to seek
Maybe we can greet each other every other week?”
There was a hopeful glint within her gaze
And an eyebrow the boy did raise
A smile creased his charming face
A serene calm washing between the space

Writing Quote Wednesday

People say, ‘What advice do you have for people who want to be writers?’ I say, they don’t really need advice, they know they want to be writers, and they’re gonna do it. Those people who know that they really want to do this and are cut out for it, they know it.
—R.L. Stine

The Witch’s Memory part 10 (recap)

Jaspeak launched the crackling flame
Then shielded her eyes from the light which came
From the fiery orb burning bright as the sun
Once it was launched it couldn’t be undone
The stone wolves howled out in pain
To the moon which had started to wane
They scampered back to the depths of shadows
To await their turn for another go
Jaspeak looked up past the trees
Begging and hoping please
For the moon to be pinned in the center of the sky
Although she wished, she knew it a lie
It had shuffled off to the side as if slowly toppled from a throne
Though grateful to be alive she uttered a groan
The Luna Blossom began to sag
A deep resentment started to nag
At her heartstrings for the loss
Of the magic ingredient that was now her cost
She glared at the man as he pulled himself from the ground
Controlling a fury inside where she wanted to pound
The man into tiny microbes of dust
But calm herself she must
Because that is how her father would want it
Though he wished to teach the man to regret
Stumbling upon her that very night
Under the waning moonlight
“Are you a simpleton?” Jaspeak spat
“Do you have any idea where you are at
Monsters live in this wood more fearsome than those
And all of them can see you in those hideous clothes
A walking target is what you are
You’re fortunate to walk out of this with nary a scar
The man stretched then dusted himself off
And then he gave a very sarcastic cough
“You’re welcome.” Is all he said
Then Jaspeak saw nothing but red
“You dare to seek thanks for what you did?”
Jaspeak bellowed ready to flip her lid
“I saved you from being ate
And I did it not a moment too late
My thanks for you not being food
Is for you to be prickly and quite rude
You can see what it is I can do
Now reveal yourself before I do worse to you.”
Then the man let loose a sigh
And the scarf he began to untie
As the fabric fell to the wayside
She saw what it was he wished to hide
Not a man but a boy her age
Whose eyes were a brilliant shade of sage
He was handsome for lack of a more suitable word
The feelings stirring inside her were absurd
Countless boys sought her dainty hand
And she found them all crude and bland
This boy however caught her off guard
Still there was failed magic to regard
“You ruined my experiment I hope you know
Do you have an ounce of remorse to show?”
The boy combed his fingers through his wild brown hair
“To be, my lady, honestly fair
It’s your life I do believe I came to save
Keeping you from an early grave
I saw those wolves from a mile away
And you in the dark like you were ready to play
So I took it upon myself to do what I can
Then I came up with an ingenious plan
To shoot an arrow and make it true
All in an effort to rescue you.”

The Witch’s Memory part 9 (recap)

For now though the flame was but a kiss
As she hoped to catch the wolves amiss
The wolves, four in all, marched in on stony paw
A beautiful sight that would leave her in awe
She waited with bated breath
For the stone creatures of death
To cross her path of her fiery blast
And the time arose at last
She’d do her best to fire at their backs
Then something stopped her and her prey dead in their tracks
An arrow sliced the air colliding with a stone wolf’s snout
Causing it to turn about
Glowering deep with eyes of pure onyx
The perpetrator is where its eyes did fix
Up on a hill looking proud and heroic
Was a man standing stoic
He looked ridiculous against the black
An obvious amount of common sense he did lack
His clothes were bright and a tad obnoxious
They were brighter than his wits
A scarf covered half his face
One made with a steady hand and grace
And his eyes were a dazzling blue
One that showed his heroism through and through
“Go back from where you came
Or I’ll slaughter you all or leave you lame
This forest does not belong to thee
It is now under the ownership of me!”
Said the shadowy cloaked figure
Puffing out his chest several sizes bigger
The stone wolves thought nothing of the threat
They moved towards him to make him regret
Ever stepping into their hallowed land
Through snouts of stony teeth they’d make him understand
The man fired off a few more sharp shafts
Their effect was rather daft
Clacking off the stony hide
From this distance she felt the man’s waning pride
With the wolves distracted this was her chance
To snatch the plant and watch her power enhance
Jaspeak gave a groan of disgust
Knowing full well she needed to do what she must
Saving the day for this ridiculous clown
Hoping the moon didn’t begin its descent down
By the time she was done with this feat
So she could claim her prize so sweet
She crept up behind the beasts of stone
The fire on her fingertips having grown
Arrows continued to fly recklessly
Leaving Jaspeak to dodge two or three
She muttered her disdain to the night
While keeping the wolves within her sight
The cloaked figure backpedaled till he fell over in a heap
The wolves prepared themselves to leap
Jaspeak launched the crackling flame
Then shielded her eyes from the light which came
From the fiery orb burning bright as the sun
Once it was launched it couldn’t be undone