The Witch’s Memory part seventy one 

The spell had dwindled to a flicker

To the princess’ surprise the air seemed thicker

Thick enough to chew and swallow

Without the magicthe world seemed hollow

It was a drug that she’d been given a taste

Leaving her tongue to fly with haste

“Whatever it is it’s yours to take

Any amount of gold to my days to wake

Your magic is power that much I can see

Of royal blood I don’t want to be

I trust in your skill and in you

Please do what you must do”

With this Jaspeak gave a grin

“Well well well where to begin

The Witch’s Memory part sixty nine

Soon the spell came to an end

Her eyes no longer had to fend

When they adjusted the princess could see

And what she saw left her with glee

It was as though the witch had captured sunshine 

Leaving her in a garden of plants of varying size

The moon replaced with a glorious sun

A comparable sight there was none

And there stood Jaspeak a sight so beaming

Amongst the forestation gleaming

The princess was speechless in front of the woman

“That is but a taste of what I can summon 

I assure you I am not about death and disease

If that is enough to put you at ease”

The Witch’s Memory part seventy

The wind swirled with ribbons of color

And the scent of rose petals began to smother

The staleness of the night air

Meanwhile Jaspeak’s blood flowed without care

Drop after crimson drop by her feet

From this bit of magic there was no retreat

All around where the blood did flow

The grass grew and the flowers did glow

Lilies stretched up to the moon

Large enough to make grown men swoon

Solid white luminescence saturated the night

Like the witch had become sun bright

It was as though she became a conductor to the stars

A beautiful entity kept afar

The Witch’s Memory part sixty nine

At that moment Jaspeak struggled to hold back her tears

That held all of frustration and tears

They came up hot and heavy

Threatening to breakthrough like cracks in a levy

But she was able to keep her resolve

Although her pain was an open wound dosed in alcohol

Jaspeak continued on in her speech

While her past clung like a hungry leech 

“I can go ahead and feed you lies

To do so would be of no surprise 

But in looking at you I can see your pain 

So I will have to refrain 

Causing you anymore with my words and phrases

It would do so little against someone so courageous 

With that the witch pulled out a blade 

A wicked sharpness it did display 

She ran the knife across her palm

Her eyes vacant and her nerves calm

Jaspeak let several drops of blood fall free

What happened next was a sight to see

The Witch’s Memory part sixty eight

The princess as unsure what to do next

In the presence of the woman with skin so perfect

She was lost, for the first time on her own

And part of that frightened her to the bone

Here she was at the mercy of nature

Not sure what else she’d be made to endure

She was left down on her knees

At the vicious mercy of an unnatural freeze

So she rose up to stand

Her cheeks flushed red as a heated brand

“How do I know in you I can trust

Perhaps if I say yes you’ll turn me to rust

I don’t mean for you to think me rude

Like I’ve been cursed with a foul attitude

But perhaps I’ve been duped by my trusting nature

So now I need to be quite sure”

Said the princess cautiously

While the witch made herself hard to see

The witch was dressed in shadows of black

Yet her grin with its radiance that did not lack

“You are as wise as the morning is bright

Not willing to take on unnecessary plight

I wish I had your vision when I was young

Maybe then I would not have been stung”

The Witch’s Memory part sixty five

She thought he was through trying to marry her off

At this she supposed she had to scoff

She was a pawn in a long played game

No matter her voice the results were the same

She was property no more or less

In need of a man to make her a success 

That was not how she saw her life

This was not about her strife

If love came along she was open to it

But to be sold off would not be her exit

The Witch’s Memory part sixty two

King Roland 2 called a grand meeting from the balcony

Presenting himself for all to see

“Ladies and gentlemen the time has come

For my daughter to go and find the one

Becoming a spinster at the age of eighteen 

This will not do for your future queen”

Out came his daughter, his joy and his pride

To arrive at the false king’s side

The fake king put an arm around the girl

It was all the horse could do to not hurl

Roland 2 continued on

“Our kingdom will open at dawn

For a son who will make us all proud

One heads above the crowd

Princes from far and wide will come

In the evening moon and morning sun

So take a good look at my daughter dear

For hopefully in a time very near 

My daughter will have a suitor to call husband 

Leaving our land to mend”

The crowd roared their unwavering support

Not knowing of this resort

They couldn’t see the pain within her eyes

They couldn’t see past the charade and lies

That his little girl was full of fright

At what was sure to be a perilous plight

The Witch’s Memory part fifty nine 

​Lost in a flurry of sparks and color

That danced around him with pain until he could take no more

His bones began to morph and reshape

In a display that would leave any mouth agape

Soon he stood over her by nearly a head

His confusion filled him with true dread

He opened his mouth with foul words to say

But all thay came out was a braying neigh

He reared back with his hooves stretching high

There was no logical reason as to why

His hands were now sturdy hooves

But he realized there was much to lose

King Roland was now a full-fledged horse

Quite a deflection from what he thought the course

He stomped his hoof with a thundering bray

Jaspeak gave a cackle before she looked at him to say

“From royal blood to braying mare

Is only the beginning of making things fair

Death is too simple a claim

It would only leave things exactly the same 

Your blood will keep you forever alive

So you can live as you try to thrive

Now that is satisfying fate

You’ll watch the world pass by an inch at a time

Without being able to lift a finger to this crime

Roland 2 will rule in your stead

Expanding the kingdom over where my family bled

That’s all I’ll say keeping my truth to the chest

There’s no need for you to know the rest 

This is my curse and nothing more

Still it will be enough for you to endure”

Jaspeak faded away into stardust

While Roland the horse could only neigh in disgust

The Witch’s Memory part fifty seven (revisited)

​“It doesn’t matter, it’s too late now

I will not be made out to be an ignorant sow

You set out and made your bed

Making sure all of my bloodline was dead

Then peacefully laid your head down at night

What was out of mind was also out sight”

She waved her hand speaking ancient word

King Roland was unsure what it was he had heard

Then by his side something  started to rise

A gelatinous goo that matched his size

That goo started to bubble and morph

And his heart was prickled with discourse

Suddenly there stood before his eyes

An awfully upsetting and disturbing surprise 

The Witch’s Memory part fifty seven

​A doppelganger stood in his face

Roland wondered what was going on in this place

Where suddenly he was met with a twin

From the tips of its toes to the boyish grin

“Roland my dear meet Roland Two

My much qualified replacement for you”

Said Jaspeak with a lilt in her voice

“You have given me utterly no choice

A disappearance from a king would not suffice 

And your death although earned and quite nice

Would make you a martyr to be mourned

Not the refuge who should be scorned

Roland Two will be my mouth piece

For as long as I choose before it will cease

Death for you would be much too easy

Far too much for someone so sleazy 

I will reveal to them their two-faced king

And all the hurt that it brings” 

With that her eyes did burn 

Something deadly and oh so stern