The Witch’s Memory part seven (recap)

Her father’s eyes took on a distant haze
She found herself lost in them just like a maze
The world held its breath right with her
“Remember what Jaspeak and his bride were
That was their past long behind
A shred of who they were you cannot find
They were tainted that much is true
But that my dear has nothing to do with you
You my dear are a new spring bloom
Not predestined to their doom
You were not made in darkness and blight
But rather to show the world the light
Jaspeak at one point was truly great
That greatness is what I see for your fate.”
The little girl gave her father a hug
One tear soaked and oh so snug
He picked her up and carried her
Inside the home where Mother waited with dinner
And as they partook of meat and bread
Not stopping until they were well fed
Despicable plotting was amiss
Plotting that would forever end scenes like this
Time passed by, days turned to months, months into years
And the time did little to quell the fears
Jaspeak felt that long lost day
When she listened to what her father had to say
Now she was a lovely lady of sixteen
Her hair shimmered with a dark sheen
Eyes of violet sparkled dazzling in the sun
And when she smiled the day truly had begun
She was the loveliest lady in the village for sure
Wickedly sharp and so much more
She could conjure a spell with barely a wink
Impossible things one could hardly think
No spell however was as wicked and cold
As the one she could place over one’s heart and soul
A look from her would make your heart prance
Making the boys in the village take their chance
At winning the heart of a girl so fair
A challenge her father could hardly bear
Each day he expelled a weary groan
Begging the boys to leave her alone
But their persistence would grow of this he knew
For her beauty was alluring and her heart was true
Thankfully Jaspeak went on without much notice
Choosing instead to simply focus
On her studies of the power of magic
To cure what ailed a land so sick
Still purging out the darkness caused by her lineage
Her family’s name she pursued to salvage
At this time she was running home
As she did her father let out a groan
Having an idea already lodged in his head
And wondering if it was too late to fate her a quiet book lover instead
An ambitious tyke she would always be


The Witch’s Memory part 6 (recap)

Our leader took this time to flee
All the while his head buzzing like it contained a bee
The world he knew swept out under his feet
Leaving him to wonder what end his people would meet
Jaspeak declared war on the non-magical ilk
A distasteful act like sour buttermilk
Our leader pleaded to all of our kind
Speaking of the great wizard had lost his mind
He told them of what the man planned
Then he made a plea, not a demand
Calling on the good within them all
To help him complete the great wizard’s fall
There were a few who sided with Jaspeak
But there was no reason for our leader to grow weak
Those who were willing to join the fight
Were great in number, courage and might
A line had been drawn on the proverbial sand
Armed with magic and followers at his command
Our leader led the charge against all that was dark
For goodness he claimed would leave its mark
So a war waged on between evil and good
A battle for truth and no more falsehood
Jaspeak proved to be a formidable foe
Leaving his enemies with nowhere to go
Only to press forward through all he could conjure
Making an army of all manner of creature
Nightmarish beasts and blood drenched demon
Anything at all that the great wizard could summon
The war waged on for far too long
Our leader and the heartbroken king plunging headlong
Into the center of the terrible battle
The faith in their cause refusing to rattle
Until at last the king’s blade struck true
In the warlock’s chest and Jaspeak’s face went blue
The wizard fell upon the ground
They were victorious but certainly bound
By woe, misery at those they had lost
Their victory coming at a great cost
Many of the valiant lay dead in the wake
Waiting for the grim reaper to take
Their souls to the heavens or the depths of hell
A resting place for them to eternally dwell
The king and our leader were left on the battlefield
What had been broken could never be healed
Although they had fought side by side
A solace between them it did not provide
The uneasiest of truce was brokered that day
Sending the two on their separate way
The non-magicals would go about their life
And about their work without an iota of strife
As long as the magicals stayed to ourselves
In the land where dark magic delves
Search parties were sent out for the missing daughters
Hearts were fearful they met up with marauders
Of them there was neither hair nor hide
Leaving the king to suspect they’d died
But what to do with the one who remained
The one pregnant and caught under the dark magic strain
Ready was the babe to go through the trials of birth
Although its mother was no longer much worth
Madness dwelled deep in her dark eyes
Dark like the magic we all despise
What to do with this girl now
“The daughter I once knew is dead like a slain cow
She with her sisters far away from this place
Away from the dark things and her father’s disgrace
This thing before me is no child of mine
So what you choose to do by me is fine
Though I ask a favor if you please
Set her ablaze to rid her of this magical disease.”
The king left the words there like a festering boil
Leaving our people in shock and to recoil
Once the shock was done and over
What to do with the girl did hover
Fortunately her life was spared
Although so drunk off of magic she could not have cared
She gave birth to our new lineage
Our bloodline: the great Erwin the Sage
Our greatest minds were left to exercise
The demons within the mother’s eyes
Eventually it all was ill fated
As her condition deteriorated
She passed away the following fall
A heavy burden on us all
And baby Erwin was by the folks of good
Things were turning out exactly as they should.”
Little Jaspeak gave her eyes a blink
Letting moments pass so she could think
“But Dad that doesn’t explain
How it is you gave me this name.”
Her father’s eyes took on a distant haze
She found herself lost in them just like a maze
The world held its breath right with her

Writing Quote Wednesday

“Writers have to get used to launching something beautiful and watching it crash and burn. They also have to learn when to let go of control, when the work takes off on its own and flies, farther than they ever planned or imagined, to places they didn’t know they knew.”

-Ursula K. Le Guin

The Witch’s Memory part 1 (recap)

As the stars and the moon sat up straight

The people of Durbin did celebrate 

For their lost princess did return

So far that they would let their candles burn

Into a liquid pool of wax and goo

And they’d still dance and sing the night through

Her appearance alone would have been enough

For the people to gather round and strut their stuff

Yet their celebration would be a hundred fold 

As she brought a boy with her brave and bold

One who wanted to take her hand

Before he knew she ruled over all this land

For this they’d dance until their feet were sore

Doing dances never done before

The curse was broken, filling the kingdom with joy

All hail the princess and the soon to be prince boy

While all of this was going on

Before the morning saw its dawn

A witch traveled through the haunted wood

Heading to where the cursed princess had stood

A princess made a dragon, full of fright

Too afraid to let her true self be seen in the light

Cursed until a boy saw the beauty inside

Stripped of misconceptions and any semblance of pride

All had gone according to plan

One weaved with her very own hand

She darted through the trees, grass and dark

Arriving at the cave so gloomy and stark

The witch traveled down into the cave so deep

Where the dragon did once sleep

Setting her bare feet on the magical soil

No longer filled with strife and turmoil

Seeing the hollow oh so empty

Filled the witch with unbridled glee

Now her mission could go undisturbed 

Left to do as she pleased unheard 

The witch inhaled a great breath

Laying eyes on what was left

Upon the dragon’s cave floor

Laid all her dreams and more

In place of the dragon’s stead

Were the tears the beast had shed

Upon the ground there were tiny shards 

Shining brilliant with a texture quite hard

The witch picked up the gem and started to grin

Remembering how this all came to begin

It began a long time ago far from this cave

Where magic roamed free and the people were brave

Back in the land of Sluggatero

In a time set a thousand years ago

The people of Sluggatero were happy and carefree 

Just as any group of people should be

The citizens were all magic imbued

Across the kingdoms others’ fears were not subdued

What they didn’t understand made them cringe

And fear the people living on the fringe

Fearing they would craft a spell

To make sure all in the world was not well

They pleaded with their king to end this mess

Of the magic folk they believed wished them stress

What was the king supposed to do

But scheme and plot the nights through

On how to handle the situation 

With the people who worked divination 

As the king thought up a way

To lead the magical folk astray

There was a girl and her family true

Playing under a sky so blue

The girl did laugh and giggle

While in the sky squawked a full

Flying free and unencumbered

As if not knowing the people’s days were numbered

After this particular tickle session

It proved time for another magic lesson

The father fell in the lush green grass

Flecks of grey peppered his moustache

His smile beamed bright like the heavenly sun

He was quite winded so playtime was done

“Come here my sweet child,” laughed the dad

“Surely another day there is fun to be had

But now is time to learn to sift

From what is curse and what is gift

Come now lass and take a seat

A respite from this summer heat

Let me impart a bit of knowledge in your head

Smarts I earned not just read.”

The girl sat down with a smile

And the grass accepted her, making her cozy for awhile

As the winds kicked up, caressing her face

Her father spoke with patient grace

“When it comes to magic you must be wise

A simple spell could mean your demise

Because all magic comes at a cost

Some spells can never measure what is lost

Know this little girl, know all the rules

Or a life of magic can be quite cruel

Lesson one can never enough be said

There is no bringing back the dead

Although your heart may ache from the loss of them

If you follow through the results will be from

Unspeakable horrors better left untold 

Leaving your spirit bound and cold

A fate I do not wish for your little one

Buy hold your questions until this lesson is done

Lesson two could easily have been the start

As it deals with the matters of the heart

You may never use magic for the purpose of love

No matter what tribulation may come to shove

Love is a matter best left for the soul

Corrupting it will certainly take its toll

Love is powerful and meant to be free

If the person is not meant to live you, let it be

When it comes to lessons this’ll be the third

Please young one, do not find this absurd

Magic is a weapon that you can arm

But you must use it for good, not to bring others harm

We masters of magic were called for a great purpose

The violent ways of others is not meant for us

You were called for so much more

To do wonders never seen before

Don’t waste your gifts on petty revenge

I know all too well this is a challenge

People will push you to be oh so cruel

To fight, plunder, and certainly duel

I ask you now to let it go

The good in you needs to show

Our good shall bring us into the light

Where there will be no more trauma or need to fight 

Where we can live in peace with those without the gift

And the wall that stands between us will lift

Only then will we truly live in peace

Unyielding love for every person each

When you truly understand these rules I gave

Then you will know how to behave

Once the world tries to steal your joy

So no matter what tricks they choose to deploy

You will still be our little one and make us proud

If you have any questions speak them aloud

Better to know now than not at all

Ask your query child before nightfall.”

Inkslayer’s Journal: It’s Been Awhile

Wow! Too much time has passed since I did an actual check in with the Inkslayer Army. For that I apologize. There are many excuses I can use but that’s what they are: excuses. Over time I’ll explain all that’s been going on over the months, but for now I wanted to come on and say Happy 2018! 
Writing Quote Wednesday will still be up and running this year as well as a return to The Witch’s Memory after doing a recap (there’s an ending, I promise LOL) New things are coming. This is going to be an incredible year. Let’s do this!
Until next time have a writeous day!