The Witch’s Memory part 22

They repeated these lines several times
And Jaspeak found herself lost in the words and rhymes
The women were oblivious to her presence
So she remained veiled in her silence
In awe of the unity shared between
A love for each other she couldn’t glean
Soon after her arrival the song came to a halt
And Jaspeak approached this strange cult
Drawing near she felt at ease
With the sisters in their threes
“So you have come” said the women in unison
“We trust that you have seen what was done
To the ones we cherish most
This is something that cannot be allowed to coast
To be swept under the rug like this is fine
The nonmagicals are no more than swine
Treating the soil like this is some toy
A treacherous game that brings them some joy
Surely there are questions that you have for us
Ask away you have our trust”
Many questions rattled around in her head
And there were many paths in which each one led
“Can you tell me” asked Jaspeak
“Why your origin is so bleak
Nearly since birth I have been regaled
With the stories of where you all hailed
If I am correct then you three are
The missing royal sisters from the land so far
Your sister was given over to my great-great-great grandfather
And if those stories are true why even bother
To keep this going, casting yourself to the dark
And letting it go corrupt your spark
Why not go back to land from where you hailed
Instead of hiding where you cannot be trailed?”


The Witch’s Memory part 21

She awoke with her pain darkening her heart
A foot on the ground but not quite a part
Jaspeak rose to her feet, the weight of her choices bearing down
Bidding a mournful goodbye to her hometown
As she marched off to the woods she did cut
Guided by she didn’t know what
Something deep and primal inside
An instinct she couldn’t grasp no matter how she tried
She was being pulled to a cave, dank and grey
If this was the place she couldn’t say
There was no sign of the women from before
Yet she knew this was right deep in her core
Deeper into the cave the light had been snuffed
Jaspeak’s fine hairs had been tufted
Still she kept pressing forward through the black
And the cave provided the light it did lack
A pale blue light flickered atop a wick
Showing smooth walls so wet and slick
She followed the enticing glow
What to expect she didn’t know
When suddenly she heard a tune
And deep in her heart she felt a boon
A melody that her heart had long lost
One she had to retrieve at any cost
Onward she pushed through the light
Letting it wash over, cool and bright
Until at last she arrived at a vast opening
Where she saw the three women around a circle they sing
They circled a wide pit of bright blue fire
Their voices in unison made an angelic choir
“What once was lost shall return
To where the cleansing fire sparks and burn
Magic flowing clean and pure
To make sure our kingdom shall endure
Darkest night and brightest day
Our very truth shall not sway
We come with peace deep in our heart
With this in our core we shall not part
Our founder spoke these words as true
We speak them back to the fire of blue
Do not lead us astray trusted Jaspeak
Lead us not into a world so bleak
Dearest founder come and rise
Save us from all we despise
Shape the world as you see fit
Upon a throne of fire and bone you sit
A crown so befitting rest atop your head
Rise oh rise from the dead
Your faithful servants await your grace
For the rightful ruler to take his place.”

The Witch’s Memory part 20

How dare they keep you locked in this cage
We cannot speak of how much rage
Has swelled within our chests
And we cannot allow this travesty to rest”
They spoke in unison of secret whispers
The air in the dungeon growing much crisper
It made the goosebumps on her skin rise
She felt swallowed by the women’s cries
Then Jaspeak felt the heat crackling off her skin
She saw the utter joy in their grin
The bars to her cell melted away
Her thanks she struggled to say
“No thanks is necessary you need to go
You need to make haste not go slow
Your people need you at this moment
Retrieve your magic this land has spent
Let yourself be drained no more from the dark
Go rekindle that lost spark”
The women spoke with a soft grace
Which softened the dark place
“Who are you three
And why do you seek to help me?”
The three did positively beam
Even in the darkness their light did gleam
“We have come from a forgotten past
When it seemed the age of magic would last
We were there from the very beginning
Before the world showed it had such sting
When things start to feel utterly bleak
We remember that we carry the spirit of Jaspeak
Seeking shelter from a world so cruel
Watching as the nonmagicals sought to rule
Hiding in the forest like cowering shadows
Waiting for the right moment to have arose
That time is now my sweet dear
Our day of return is near
Go little one to your homeland
Hope that your people have made a grand stand
Against the evils of the ones who lie
With their fields of gold and tongues so sly
Jaspeak spoke of his bloodline taking up his mantle
To rise up against a world so ill
So makes us a promise, let your word be true
That when you see what the nonmagicals have taken from you
You will return to the woods to seek us out
Don’t tarry long, we’ll be about
Waiting so still for your arrival
To help you answer your blood’s call”
She barely allowed the last word to be heard
Before Jaspeak consented and gave her word
And like that she took off in a flash
Tumbling through the doorway with a crash
Before long she was out in the wide open
Almost forgetting the women she was destined to meet again
She ran and ran and ran some more
She ran until her entire body was sore
A leisurely trek totaling days of four
Totaled now one and a half and no more
But what she saw made her wishshe died in that cell
As the land she loved had been torched to hell
Smoke climbed from the smoldering wreck
All of her life gone up in ashen flecks
The fields of glitering golden wheat
Blackened from the blistering heat
Tears welled up in her eyes
Her tongue let loose a string of whys
Devastation and bones littered the earth
Sapping the land of all of its worth
Jaspeak collapsed to the blackened ground in a heap
For the next three days all she could do was weep
As to the tainted ground the tears she gave
She was greeted by voices from the grave
The most haunting of all was the voice of her parents
She cursed the gods for what they had sent
For their voices were not harsh and full of rage
In fact they were calm and fragrant like sage
They said not to worry about their demise
To remain cunning, true and wise
Not to give in to her woe and her pain
Not allowing her soul to stain
That there was more to life than grief
This was their saving belief
Their calm lulled her to sleep like sweet libations
As they called for no retaliation
They’d meet again when her time had run dry
Until then they wished her to live and not slowly die

The Witch’s Memory part 19

And still lay their heads down at night
Without tossing and turning in cold fright
She had seen what true monsters looked lke
And it wasn’t acts of violence when they chose to strike
They used words so sugary sweet
To usher in the death they greet
They were the skin of her fellow man
All while devising devious plans
Murderous plots they did so glean
Leaving their souls forever unclean
And she had been foolish enough to fall
For the games and schemes and all
Now her people would pay the price
For her arrogance of being too nice
Because she had fallen for a stupid boy
One who had given her unknown joy
Jaspeak huddled up on the floor
Her shame leaving her chilled to the core
Left to wonder when the day would come
Where she’d undo what was done
Every second became eternally so
With no way to tell how it was to go
Perhaps a day had passed, maybe a week
Nothing was stopping this from being bleak
Her only signal to the passage of time
Was a guard with bread and water brought down to the grime
Just when she thought she could shed no more tears
Left to be consumed by the gravity of her fears
There came a sound to greet the space
An unearthly sound not heard in this place
A feminine laugh, a melodic chortle
One made by more than one mortal
A trio of brilliant heavenly hemming and hawing
Jaspeak found herself drawn to the calling
She poked her head between the bars of the cell
What she expected she couldn’t tell
But what she saw was a group of three
Women with their spirits free
Light so brilliant caught in their smile
That she was dazed for quite awhile
As though she had never seen light before
Their shine leaving her to adore
The presence in which they did display
Jaspeak was left with nary a word to say
The trio headed to the dungeon door
She was smitten with their look even more
Appearing like angels from on high
Dazzling beauty making her want to cry
“Why do you weep little one
Fear not, you are far from done”
Spoke one of the fair and ravishing women
With soft features and hair as dark as uncleansed sin
Jaspeak dabbed at the spot which was wet
Summoning as much strength as she could get
She spoke sincerely of the wrongs portrayed
The reasons why her heart was dismayed
She spoke of the love she once had
For none other than a callous cad
She spoke of a pain she could not understand
As she relayed what was happening to her land
The sheer devastation that was about to occur
The countless pots of anger left to stir
How this was about her people’s sake
The woman listened with a careful ear
Holding onto each word as it was precious and dear
Finally Jaspeak ran out of words to say
The foul cloud over them voluminous and grey
The women spoke soft and gentle
“These people have not learned still
How to treat their gentle brethren
For this is truly a sin
To not treat another man with value
Which show the darkness of the heart plain and true
Long have these people gone running amuck
Getting by on nothing more than blind luck

The Witch’s Memory part 18

Tears blurred the woman’s sight
The anger within her burning so bright
Jaspeak trembled with indignant rage
Over the potential war Roland’s people wished to wage
Her words were choked with sorrow
“It’s my heart I gave you to borrow
To hold it tight so I wouldn’t have to worry
About any pain I may have to bury
I gave you all of my heart
Now you have come to tear it apart
Tearing it asunder, bit by ragged bit
Charring the remains upon an open spit
With no just reason you plan to slaughter my kin
The wrongness of which I cannot begin
To comprehend how you could do such a thing
How You can side with all the pain it will bring”
“It’s not my choice,” said the prince
“My father is not one with words to mince
Once his mind is set it is set in stone
In finding this appalling you are not alone
But what is a prince to do
When an entire kingdom will belong to you
Should I dare give up my inheritance for my heart
For a deed I wish I couldn’t take part?”
Jaspeak looked him dead in the eye
“I want you to think about this each time you lie
Down to rest your weary head
Deep in the comfort of your elegant bed
I showed you the deep wonders of my land
Practically guiding you by the hand
You saw what we were capable of
And of all of our magic there was none stronger than love
We’re people of peace and generosity
Simply trying to be all we can be
You’ll be snuffing us out like a fire on a wick
The thought of doing so should make you sick
And with that violence you have darkened my heart
A darkness that could have ripped my body and soul apart
Leaving me far less than human
Afraid that absolutely nothing can
Pull me back from the gaping abyss
Burdening your heart with this
These bars shall not hold me forever
For the moment you can claim to be clever
I will be free sometime soon
And I’ll leave this kingdom you love in ruins
A smoldering husk of what it once was
I shall not treat it with delicate gloves
You will feel the true wrath of my rage
The full power of over a thousand mage
I’ll destroy everything you hold dear
And it will be my voice you last hear
As I cheer on the devastation
That has befallen your greedy nation
This will be your fate
If you don’t turn before it is too late.”
Roland paused with trepidation in his gaze
For a moment Jaspeak felt he might change his ways
Then Roland went to turn away from her
Leaving her confused and unsure of what would occur
Before he left her alone in the dark
His silence already leaving its mark
He spoke softly over his shoulder soft as a kiss
“I’m truly sorry for all of this.”
And like that he was done
Scampering off to be a king’s dutiful son
She cursed his name until her tongue fell dead
And she clawed at her flesh leaving it bloodied and red
Images of her family and friends across her mind flashed
Hope laying in her heart at once dashed
Then she curled into her tight little ball
Alone in the dark she let her tears fall
One by one she let them travel down her cheek
With each shed one she felt herself getting weak
She felt her magic dampening bit by bit
Unsure of that fire within her could ever be relit
For her magic was tied to her heart and feelings
Not sure how to handle these dealings
This sudden onset of distrust and betrayl
Left her feelings on humanity quite pale
How those claiming such civility
Could dish out such atrocity