The Witch’s Memory part 15 (recap)

What she said next would haunt her for days
For weeks, months, years, decades in many different ways
She would remember this moment with creeping dread
“I wish you were dead.”
As soon as she uttered the words she wished to reel them back
Hoping she’d be cut some slack
That she could apologize and set things straight
But at once she knew it was far too late
The treacherous words dwelling inside
Refused to stay hidden no matter how hard she tried
“I’m going to go” Jaspeak began
“This abuse I will not stand
Count your blessings if I choose to return
Know it was you who let this bridge burn”
At once both hot and cold
Although that part from the story would go untold
She stomped off not dating a second glance to take
For if she did she knew her heart would break
Jaspeak heard her father speak
The mere sound of his voice making her weak
She ran off without a word
Thinking this was all a bit absurd
This was the moment that would withstand time
To never be captured in prose or rhyme
When she abandoned her people for the sake of a boy
So why oh why did she feel this joy
This sense of peace and glorious calm
Feeling the electric prickle in her palm
This wealth of emotion bursting inside
All because her former self died
Now she had to rush to be with Roland
To be with someone who’d surely understand
What it was like to be so alone
Someone who could see what was inside shone
So she cast away her worries and her woe
Knowing where her heart needed to go
Jaspeak trekked through valley and mountain
She travelled through morning and nights dark as sin
Until she came to an unknown place
Nestled between two mountains as if they were giving it space
Her heart thundered as she knew
This was the home of the one she knew to be true
Roland the idiot who stumbled into her life
The one who was more than worth the strife
She found a cluster of trees for her to wait
For the boy, praying him not to be too late
The sun fell giving way to the moon
This burdening anticipation had to end soon
At last her wish was granted
As she peered beyond the trees where she was planted
She spotted Roland as he came shuffling in
When she saw him she broke out into a wide grin
“Here I am!” she had spoken
And at her voice his trance was broken
Now no smile came to greet his face
His eyes had lost their luster and grace
She asked “What does trouble you my dear?”
“I wish that you were still far from here”


Writing Quote Wednesday

Like, one rule is: you gotta finish your sh#@. You just do. No, I don’t mean that every story you begin must be a story you finish — sometimes you gotta cut bait and run, but in the overarching journey of your writing adventure, you need to finish your sh@#. Complete your poop. Do the thing. Because a story is a thing with a beginning, a middle, and an end. And you cannot learn how to tell a story unless you learn to tell a complete story. You cannot learn to write an ending if you never write an ending.

-Chuck Wendig

The Witch’s Memory part 13 (recap)

Jaspeak’s heart swelled at this sight
This would be what she took from the night
The stunned silence which crowded the air
As they marveled at the lake without a care
The moon rose high as minutes turned to hours
Along came a misting shower
Calming rain washed over the two
Signaling their night was through
She bid the boy goodbye
And the boy let out a deep sigh
“Same place and time in two weeks?”
Asked Roland in a voice rather meek
Jaspeak gave a smile rather great
“Yes indeed but please don’t be late.”
They went their separate ways
Then they met again every fourteen days
In secrecy they continued this game
Their doings never quite the same
Under the pale gaze of the moon
She showed him the wonders of Ryamadoon
The cave of wonders hidden deep
To the Singing Pool where mermaids sleep
She showed him how to conjure a storm
Then how to create a fire to keep warm
There were so many things for them to see
But other place she’d rather be
Her feelings for him grew with every tryst
And she wondered how it would be if they kissed
A different kind of magic she did assume
One capable of relieving any gloom
Like a rainbow bursting through the clouds
Making her heart sing boisterously loud
It went on this way for some time
The feeling was going rather sublime
Six months went by and the air started to grow chill
A time when everyone had been left to winter’s will
Traveling to see Roland was going to be a challenge
But she started to think she could manage
As she thought up another ploy
Her father thought she was being rather coy
Up to something in these late night excursions
Coming home with such aversion
Hiding secrets under his roof
It was a trait a tad uncouth
These were not the actions of the daughter he knew
The one who loved him and her mother through and through
This was a stranger dressed in her flesh
One who couldn’t get along or mesh
With the offerings of her home and land
And that was something he couldn’t stand
She came home sweet, content
But he wondered how her time was spent
He ventured to ask before she laid down her head
Having her speak her heart instead
Still he chose to let her rest for now
He’d find the truth someway somehow
The next time she went out , air chilled and crisp
As she was followed by a pestering wisp
That glowed light blue right by her ear
A persistent reminder that someone was near
She spotted Roland caught in the midst of trees
A feeling of joy travelled from her head to her knees
He offered a smile rather tired
Losing the charm and mystique she had admired
“Has something happened to you my dear?”
She asked not feigning her fear
“It’s nothing Jaspeak” He answered quite wry
“Just pondering things by and by
I enjoy our time together I truly do
So it grieves me to ask something of you”

The Witch’s Memory part 12 (recap)

“I shall do my best,” the boy did say
“Until we meet another day.”
Then the boy headed off to the unknown
Jaspeak’s admiration for him clearly having grown
Right then she thought of her mom and dad
It was going on late and they’d surely be mad
So she ran back at a brisk pace
Well aware of the consequences she would face
Two days stuck at home she did receive
A fair and lenient punishment she did believe
Late that night the girl began to dream
About the strange, mysterious teen
A fortnight could not come fast enough
She could show him all types of stuff
She’d show him how to conjure fire and ice
Possibly show him the Falls of Thrice
A place of legends steeped in truth
Or made to believe so from mouths uncouth
The thought of doing something so free
Filled her with incredible glee
But she managed to wait as well as she could
Before she reentered the wood
She made her way back to the very same spot
Amongst the trees nestled in a knot
Jittery butterflies fluttered in her guts
She began to wonder if she was nuts
To wait on a boy she met on a whim
Or to think she might be harboring affections for him
She pounded her head at her stupidity
Also wondering where he could be
As she was readying to call it quits and head back
A twig broke the silence with a deafening crack
Jaspeak turned her head to the sound
Then her heart did indeed bound
As the boy, Roland, stepped out of the darkness
Smiling brightly while his hair was a mess
Jaspeak started grinning from ear to ear
His appearance sating some of her doubts and fear
“Sorry I had some trouble upon the last hill
A couple of shadow beasts gave me a chill
But they ended up passing me without much worry
If they had not I would have had to scurry”
Said Roland with a broadening grin
A smile so dangerous it should have been labeled a sin
Warmth made its way to Jaspeak’s cheek
Leaving her vulnerable and otherwise weak
The feeling left her feeling the greatest of shame
Hoping this was not all a vicious game
She shook away all the thoughts in her skull
Wanting to break the silence within this lull
“So is there no magic in your homeland
We are the only ones to know of the gift I understand”
Asked Jaspeak who thought herself a fool
In this time with the night air so cool
The boy could not seem but to smirk
Which she was finding to be a charming quirk
“It is true we are not familiar with your kind
What you conjure we cannot bring to mind
We are simple folk with simpler needs
Going about our lives to complete our deeds
Since the day we first met
No matter how hard I try I can’t forget
Wondering how you managed such things
And all the challenges and opportunities it brings
To wield this magic as you call it
Would be a wonder I must admit.”
Jaspeak grinned at his words
Her thoughts getting lost with the birds
Something about this boy ensnared her mind
The feeling she got when she was around him hard to find
A feeling like butterflies trapped in her belly
Turning her thoughts to push and legs to jelly
She shook away the nervous jitter
Which felt strange and oh so bitter
“I can’t promise to teach you what I know
But it would be my pleasure to ahow
What me and my people can do
By taking what is old to me and making it new to you.”
“I would appreciate that very much.”
And with that he gave her arm the faintest of touch
Although it was but a subtle graze
The excitement within her didn’t cease to amaze
Dazzling sparks danced lightly on her nerves
Setting a flame every fiber and curve
Of her body till it tingled out of her fingertips
Before she knew it she bit her lip
Jaspeak was glad she was not alone
As redness in the boy’s cheeks shone
She composed herself then led him to the Leaping Lake
A greater impression she could not make
Glistening water sang to the heavens
Leaving Roland with an awestruck expression
Water nymphs leaped from toadstool to toadstool
Laughing as they played games cool
Roland grinned oh so wide
Jaspeak thought that he had cried
His eyes went wet as the sparkling water
Caught by the beauty there was little left to utter
Jaspeak’s heart swelled at this sight
This would be what she took from the night
The stunned silence which crowded the air
As they marveled at the lake without a care
The moon rose high as minutes turned to hours
Along came a misting shower
Calming rain washed over the two
Signaling their night was through

Writing Quote Wednesday

People say, ‘What advice do you have for people who want to be writers?’ I say, they don’t really need advice, they know they want to be writers, and they’re gonna do it. Those people who know that they really want to do this and are cut out for it, they know it.
—R.L. Stine

The Witch’s Memory part 10 (recap)

Jaspeak launched the crackling flame
Then shielded her eyes from the light which came
From the fiery orb burning bright as the sun
Once it was launched it couldn’t be undone
The stone wolves howled out in pain
To the moon which had started to wane
They scampered back to the depths of shadows
To await their turn for another go
Jaspeak looked up past the trees
Begging and hoping please
For the moon to be pinned in the center of the sky
Although she wished, she knew it a lie
It had shuffled off to the side as if slowly toppled from a throne
Though grateful to be alive she uttered a groan
The Luna Blossom began to sag
A deep resentment started to nag
At her heartstrings for the loss
Of the magic ingredient that was now her cost
She glared at the man as he pulled himself from the ground
Controlling a fury inside where she wanted to pound
The man into tiny microbes of dust
But calm herself she must
Because that is how her father would want it
Though he wished to teach the man to regret
Stumbling upon her that very night
Under the waning moonlight
“Are you a simpleton?” Jaspeak spat
“Do you have any idea where you are at
Monsters live in this wood more fearsome than those
And all of them can see you in those hideous clothes
A walking target is what you are
You’re fortunate to walk out of this with nary a scar
The man stretched then dusted himself off
And then he gave a very sarcastic cough
“You’re welcome.” Is all he said
Then Jaspeak saw nothing but red
“You dare to seek thanks for what you did?”
Jaspeak bellowed ready to flip her lid
“I saved you from being ate
And I did it not a moment too late
My thanks for you not being food
Is for you to be prickly and quite rude
You can see what it is I can do
Now reveal yourself before I do worse to you.”
Then the man let loose a sigh
And the scarf he began to untie
As the fabric fell to the wayside
She saw what it was he wished to hide
Not a man but a boy her age
Whose eyes were a brilliant shade of sage
He was handsome for lack of a more suitable word
The feelings stirring inside her were absurd
Countless boys sought her dainty hand
And she found them all crude and bland
This boy however caught her off guard
Still there was failed magic to regard
“You ruined my experiment I hope you know
Do you have an ounce of remorse to show?”
The boy combed his fingers through his wild brown hair
“To be, my lady, honestly fair
It’s your life I do believe I came to save
Keeping you from an early grave
I saw those wolves from a mile away
And you in the dark like you were ready to play
So I took it upon myself to do what I can
Then I came up with an ingenious plan
To shoot an arrow and make it true
All in an effort to rescue you.”