The Witch’s Memory part seventy nine

The dark appeared to stretch vast and tall

As they crept up the side of the wall

The women’s faces were stark and gaunt

An image that would forever haunt

The princess throughout the rest of her days

Until the moon saw its final phase

They were ancient and decrepit 

Their teeth were blackened and split

A cackle escaped their collective throats

Making it seem that her heart did float

As it trailed up her airway

Leaving the royal with nothing more to say


The Witch’s Memory part seventy eight

“It must be you,” said the princess with glee

“That I have been instructed to see 

I met your kin outside these walls

Where the wilderness pleads its call

Your sister showed me things bordering the impossible 

Sights that left me with a deep chill

I fall at your feet with gratitude 

For your generosity is too much to exude”

With that she fell to her knees

And it seemed the world did freeze

All went still and quiet

The women turned toward the girl

And at that moment her world did swirl

The Witch’s Memory part seventy six

Then she found the source of the noise

Three women of regality and poise

Sat around a cauldron with a song in their throat

In the middle of a deep moat

The water was purple, deep, and rich

The princess knew immediately each one was a witch

Just like the one she met in the forest

She became even less stressed

Surely they were here to help her on her journey

To help her be where she needed to be

A smile came to greet her face

Confidence abounding she stepped into the space

The Witch’s Memory part seventy five

Further in the light continue to burn 

Bringing her the freedom that she did yearn 

Yet now she felt her heart stir 

As she noticed a faint whisper 

Starting off as delicate as a kiss 

Booming into something impossible to miss 

The sound was a haunting song 

Pushing and pulling her right along 

Three distinct voices, lithe and feminine 

If she were to describe the beauty she couldn’t begin 

She knew the end of her troubles with soon 

As each note cause her heart to swoon

The Witch’s Memory part seventy

The witch tossed back her hair and searched the sky

“I’m going to help you and I’ll tell you why

Too long our world have been at arms’ length

Not taking advantage of each other strength

So we battle amongst ourselves

Placing us in our combined hell

To break free means to reach out

Showing that vengeance is not all that where about

If that means starting with you and me

Then that is how it must be

I carry no ill will towards you

For we have only just met that much is true

But our struggles are connected down to the bone

This is our plight that we must own

We need to save each other no longer broken

By the words so long ago spoken”

The princess was confused by the witch

As her surroundings return to pitch

The Witch’s Memory part sixty five

She thought he was through trying to marry her off

At this she supposed she had to scoff

She was a pawn in a long played game

No matter her voice the results were the same

She was property no more or less

In need of a man to make her a success 

That was not how she saw her life

This was not about her strife

If love came along she was open to it

But to be sold off would not be her exit

The Witch’s Memory part sixty four

With his equine eyes he looked around 

No sight of the witch could be found

Yet he knew with his beating heart 

That Jaspeak set this up from the start

But in his current form there was nothing to do

But wait for the inevitable pain to ensue

Day turned to night and crowd went their way

On their tongues nothing more to say

And just as Roland the Horse had feared

That beautiful princess he had reared

Stole away into the night

In an effort to avoid this plight

She had her father’s cunning, pluck, and his nerve

To not settle for a life she didn’t deserve 

The only ones to see her were the night guard

And stopping royalty proved rather hard

She took off as quick as her feet would move

Shortly finding herself in a groove

Whipping through the copse of trees

Not minding the scrapes along her knees

All while thinking her father had gone mad

What had become of dear old dad?

The Witch’s Memory part sixty one

​This was his lot and he’d wear it well

From place to place and sell to sell

He knew he was deserving of much worse

And he’d endure to see an end to the curse

As he struggled for the end he did seek

Always watching was the beautiful Jaspeak 

The witch watched on with interest 

Sure that she would get the best

Of their exchange so many years in the making 

Vengeance was all hers for the taking

Yet over the years with pain and heartache 

Roland the horse seemed willing to take

That and this and perhaps even more

Losing the battle but winning the war

Her patience was certainly being tested

Her own plans never once rested

Five years passed and Roland’s daughter had matured

A better princess could never be found

Even if you searched the world around

Life got better under King Roland the second’s rule

While the original king was a glorified mule

If this was his lot he’d gladly accept 

Until the new king said something that filled him with regret

The Witch’s Memory part sixty

​“Guards! Guards!” the fake Roland clammored

Startling security from the sleep that kept them enamored 

“How could this happen? How could this be?

There is a horse standing right in front of me!”

Then there came a rush from behind the door

In came the palace guards in a cluster of four

Spears drawn and readied for a fight 

Even they could not fathom what happened this night 

Sure enough there was a horse in front of the king

How was it this could actually be a thing

A four-legged beast inside the castle walls 

And no one would have known if not for the king’s calls

Roland the horse made a beeline for the door

Knocking aside the guards of four

Panic gripped his equine heart

Where to go he had no idea where to start

So he ran as fast as he could

Much faster than any true horse should

Out into the hall and down the stairs

Scaring the staff and spilling the wares

In the middle of the night the castle was in shambles

As a kingly horse came with a ramble

Bucking wildly in the foyer

As he lacked the fingers to grip the door

Before long his neck was bound with rope

Solidifying his lack of hope

A dozen guardsmen led him away

From the home he wished to stay

The Witch’s Memory part fifty nine 

​Lost in a flurry of sparks and color

That danced around him with pain until he could take no more

His bones began to morph and reshape

In a display that would leave any mouth agape

Soon he stood over her by nearly a head

His confusion filled him with true dread

He opened his mouth with foul words to say

But all thay came out was a braying neigh

He reared back with his hooves stretching high

There was no logical reason as to why

His hands were now sturdy hooves

But he realized there was much to lose

King Roland was now a full-fledged horse

Quite a deflection from what he thought the course

He stomped his hoof with a thundering bray

Jaspeak gave a cackle before she looked at him to say

“From royal blood to braying mare

Is only the beginning of making things fair

Death is too simple a claim

It would only leave things exactly the same 

Your blood will keep you forever alive

So you can live as you try to thrive

Now that is satisfying fate

You’ll watch the world pass by an inch at a time

Without being able to lift a finger to this crime

Roland 2 will rule in your stead

Expanding the kingdom over where my family bled

That’s all I’ll say keeping my truth to the chest

There’s no need for you to know the rest 

This is my curse and nothing more

Still it will be enough for you to endure”

Jaspeak faded away into stardust

While Roland the horse could only neigh in disgust