Writing Quote Wednesday 

I want to write because I have the urge to excel in one medium of translation and expression of life.”

-Sylvia Plath


The Witch’s Memory part seventy nine

The dark appeared to stretch vast and tall

As they crept up the side of the wall

The women’s faces were stark and gaunt

An image that would forever haunt

The princess throughout the rest of her days

Until the moon saw its final phase

They were ancient and decrepit 

Their teeth were blackened and split

A cackle escaped their collective throats

Making it seem that her heart did float

As it trailed up her airway

Leaving the royal with nothing more to say

The Witch’s Memory part seventy

The witch tossed back her hair and searched the sky

“I’m going to help you and I’ll tell you why

Too long our world have been at arms’ length

Not taking advantage of each other strength

So we battle amongst ourselves

Placing us in our combined hell

To break free means to reach out

Showing that vengeance is not all that where about

If that means starting with you and me

Then that is how it must be

I carry no ill will towards you

For we have only just met that much is true

But our struggles are connected down to the bone

This is our plight that we must own

We need to save each other no longer broken

By the words so long ago spoken”

The princess was confused by the witch

As her surroundings return to pitch

The Witch’s Memory part forty seven

​To emphasize with your enemy is truly a gift 

And your actions surely did lift

The dread that has clung so tight to my soul

But now I am sure there is no devious goal

What you want is truly good

As you’re willing to do what many others never would

Laying down your life for a noble cause

And to do so with little hesitation or pause

There is goodness within your heart

Please allow me a moment to figure where to start”

The woman sat and pondered 

While King Roland’s breath wandered

Away from the recesses of his chest

Feeling at long last at rest

His journey of suffering was coming to an end 

His daughter and his people wouldn’t have to fend

Off dark magic woven into the air

After all that was his one true care

The woman pulled back from her thought

The attention of the king was surely caught